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July 23, 2013

SAM’s Sponsorship Page

SAM's Sponsorship Page.

January 19, 2010

Haitian disaster

I recommend these 2 sites for Charitable Giving for the Haitian people, that I also gave to:

Pray for the People of Haiti!

April 10, 2008


So, yes, I am guilty of watching American Idol during the week.  Forgive me!  So, anyway, I want to share with you an awesome program that requires OUR Action.  I’ve linked it on my SITE links on the right hand side, called ONE.  There are a number of cooperative non-profit organizations that are within that link as well, including Habitat for Humanity, World Vision and many others(I have blogged about these before)  Let’s work together to give our time, money and resources back to our community.  Life is not all about us, but about others…right?  Let’s work as a body and one small world community to help those who are less fortunate than us.  Let’s give back and do what Christ has asked us to do, give. 

In the words of my church when I became a member is to give of my prayers, presence, offerings and service.  Let’s not love in word and thought, but also in deed.

blessings be upon each of you.

February 29, 2008


There is a fascinating interview and trip that Bob Geldof(through Time Magazine) and President Bush take to Africa that is a must read.  I thought I would read or skim through it, but I was drawn in from the beginning.  I would highly recommend you read it.  click here.

We need to help support the causes around the world such as Africa and basic health standards that need to be implemented.  Unfortunately, tyranny and strife are the ley of the land.  You can help financially in many ways though.  World Vision is a big supporter of child adoption and building water wells in towns all over Africa.  Africa Action is a non-profit organization that supports many different causes such as Darfur and the Aids epidemic.  Just do a search under Google and you’ll find a ton of other websites that are more than willing to use your funds to further a great cause and the future generations in Africa that need our help.

Pray for God’s hand upon Africa!

December 19, 2007

world vision

My wife and I have adopted our second child through a great organization named ‘World Vision‘  You can sponsor children and ‘adopt’ them from all over the world.  Our first child we adopted was named Hannah.  She lived in Israel.  We would get yearly report cards on how she is doing in school and we would send her birthday cards.  She got up in age eventually and so we have adopted another child.  His name is Ariel.  He lives in Mexico and is 6 years old.  We have his picture and he is the cutest thing.  Anyway, I wanted to say that if you feel led to adopt a needy child from somewhere around the world, that this organization is a non-profit org that has a great reputation and helps all over the world to those in need.