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March 12, 2012

New Job

Well Chevron, looks like I’M BACK!!

I was blessed to be offered the job I was supposed to get before I was laid off almost a year and a half ago. Ironically I started a new job at chevron about a month ago that I believe I was meant to have BUT God had other plans…

I had to go through a rough patch in order to be in a better place and be ready for this position God all along had for me. I just had to take the long road to get here. Fortunately, I have learned a lot in the last year and a half and I am more appreciative of the job I have now and am better off for it.

It’s truly amazing how God works. You fight, kick & scream when you go through those “insert adage here” times and when you get to the other side of it hopefully you realize that your better off and hopefully you learned something. I KNOW I have.

My faith has grown in God and he just reassured me that no matter what – He always takes care of me & Always, Always has my back.

Thank you Abba Father, for always taking care of me – even in going through the midst of what seems to be the hardest time. You love me and you show that to me everyday. I love you Lord & thank you again. Amen.

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March 15, 2011

Job search/situation

Things are really starting to break for me, Thank God. I had my 2nd interview in as many months recently with a real good company and got a call for another position today too. I’m really thankful and happy that things are getting better. I feel like I should have a job real soon, Lord willing. I pray and hope so.

I reminded myself somethin’ that I learned in BJM 2 weeks ago.  It was a short prayer and it goes like this, “Lord, may they see my worth and value. Amen.”

I hope that those of you that are with me in this job search find a job soon. I’m praying for all of you.

May financial blessings abound to you and your family!

February 18, 2011

2 months + counting

I have out of a job since December 6th. I must say, at first I was upset, but then I was ok bringing in the holidays. Since they have passed, I have been actively seeking a new job and really over the R&R stage.

It has been pretty hard finding a job in our current economy, at least for me so far. Fortunately, I am in Houston, which is good because we weren’t hit as hard as many other big cities in the country and at least I thought we were much better off.

There has been a lot of recruiters calling me and I have made many contacts, but I am still looking. It’s been hard looking for a job, especially when most of these companies don’t even call you back.  It seems as if they just post these positions to fill some quota that the government has required of them. Anyway, I hope and pray that a job opens up soon for me.

I have been praying hard and been able to donate my time to some good causes I believe in, but I am ready to get back to work.  Ideally, I would like a job that has a good salary and that I am going to be happy in.  I’m not looking for a job that pays a million dollars and requires me to be there 24/7 either. I just want an even work/life balance, which for me is most important.

I pray for all of you who are looking for jobs as well and may we all find that perfect job that we all want.


October 5, 2010

60 days to find a new job…

So I was told yesterday in a meeting with a manager that I was going to be let go, that I was ‘left standing’ and my last day to work here at Chevron was on December 6th, 2010.

I am being positive about the whole thing, first and foremost! 

Second, I believe there is a reason for everything and I just got to figure out what that is and maybe why…

I am praying for a new door to be open to me and I ask for your prayers in my time of need right now.

There are still possibilities for me to find a job here at Chevron and I’m looking for them as well as jobs outside of here too.

God is good, all the time and this is just a bump in the road for me.  I am staying focused and looking for the best in this situations as in all situations in life.  I believe in God’s promises He has made to me and all of His children and I’m claiming those promises to be true in my life.

Join me in believing these verses to come true in my life as well as yours.

Romans 8:28, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Philippians 4:19


May 19, 2010

4th Day

In Emmaus, there is a term after you have completed your spiritual weekend.  It’s called YOUR 4th Day.  It’s everyday after you 3 day weekend.  You can never be a pilgrim again after you have gone on your Emmaus Walk because of such the unique journey that it is for you.  You can relive it by serving time and time again, like I do!!  But, you only get to be a pilgrim once.

What’s important about your 4th day(the rest of your life) is what you do with it.  For many, the weekend is a mountaintop experience.  For others not so much.  Still others, it’s somewhere in between.  All these reactions are perfectly fine.  What really matters is using the skills and knowledge of the weekend, scripture, experiences and your focus on Christ to guide you in your relationships and future endeavors.

They say it’s in the valleys that all the work is done and that’s true, but experiencing mountain-tops is a joyful and beautiful thing.  We all want to stay there, but there is work to do for the Lord.  We must get dirty and wet in order to get the Good News of the Gospel out to the world in the valleys. 

Let’s enjoy the mountaintops when they come, but never lose sight of them and HIM in the valleys.

De Colores and God Bless!

December 28, 2009


“For a worker is worth his keep”    Matthew 10:10b

Reading my devotional I came across this scripture.  It hit me today and then I was speaking with a co-worker about his 19-year-old as well on this topic.  WORK!  At anything and everything you do, WORK at it.  Don’t be lazy.  Don’t expect things to be given you.  There is no such thing as ‘OWED!’  Nothing comes free and all is given at a cost/price.  Even our Salvation cost Jesus His life. 

Learn the value of a dollar.  WORK for the things you desire and WORK hard.  Even a lazy, half-hearted effort will get you something, but you will also reap what you sow and half-hearted returns will be what you get.  Shortcuts and easy way outs and excuses are for the birds.  Don’t be stuck in the lack of caring, lack of responsibility crowd.  Own up to your faults, make things better for you and your family and WORK hard at everything you do.  WHY?…because a worker is worth his keep.

“Lord, help us to work hard and give us the strength and guidance and direction to do so. Amen.”

January 6, 2009


“Every now and then go away and have a little relaxation.  To remain constantly at work will diminish your judgment.”  –

                                                                         Leonardo Da Vinci

October 28, 2008

don’t work too hard

In today’s society in America, there seems to be a need to work more hours and get multiple jobs.  But, the question is for what?  Why?  What is the reason, purpose or desire for this? 

The answer typically is, to afford a more expensive lifestyle, to pay for the things that are out of your ‘means’ and believe the lies we all see on TV ad commercials!!! or the proverbial keeping up with the Jones’

Could it be, that we all have bought into this fraudulent lie that we all need to have the newest cars, the best homes and most expensive clothes?

Scripture tells us this, “Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint”  Proverbs 23:4

My interpretation of this verse is like don’t kill yourself to get rich or have multiple jobs to keep paying bills for things you can’t afford.  Why did you buy them in the first place? 

I also think that we should test our motives and find out why we’re trying to get rich.  Why do you want to get rich?  Are you jealous of others?  Are you coveting your neighbors things and think you deserve those things too?

I am not saying that God doesn’t like us to be rich.  I am focusing more on the ‘wear yourself out’ part.  Ultimately, in the BIG picture of things(I’m a Big picture guy), when your lying on your death bed…are you thinking about how much more money you could have made or wishing you bought another car or regretting that you didn’t spend enough hours in the office???  I think Not and hope Not.

Life is more than a job or getting rich or buying things.  I believe that the best things in life are free.      Jesus, The Ocean, Love, Children, Trees/Foliage, Health and Happiness.

April 10, 2008

another thursday

This year has flown by so far.  I can’t believe it’s already April and the 10 days into it as well.  It’s been a good year so far and I can’t complain.  I just finished up working an economics class for Junior Achievement.  This was because my company partners with JA to help students learn more about business and that the potential is in the students to dream big and reach their goals.  For me, it’s fulfilling and this is my second year doing it too.  It’s all about giving back to the community!

So, we have one trip under our belts for the year as well.  Next, were off to Italy.  I’m so excited about that one because it will be a 10 day trip and should be full of fun and excitement.  I can’t wait to see the Coliseum in person.  We’re going to Rome, Florence and Venice.  It’s going to be a blast and I can’t WAIT!!!

Work is going alright as well.  I haven’t been writing so much, because work has been mad crazy lately.  It’s been eating up my days and hours.  I know that it’s a good thing to stay busy, but not too busy.  Hey, I just remembered another acronym I need to add. B-U-S-Y: Being under Satan’s Yoke and that’s never good.  I have been focusing on God alot and keeping my prayer life healthy.  I am reading His word and staying in it often too. 

I’m looking forward to next weekend as well.  That’s when I will serve on a men’t weekend retreat that I’ve posted about called the “Walk to Emmaus”   It’s gonna be a spirit filled weekend and a time to give and focus on nothing but Jesus.  I love serving on these weekends and I always get back more than I ever put in, because you can never out give God.  Praise Him and have a blessed week!