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December 2, 2013


Heather and I took a trip to Hawaii after our Birthday Celebration. We went to the island of Kauai. It was so beautiful. We didn’t spend enough time there as we wanted. I’m sure 2 full weeks wouldn’t have been enough. We scuba dived in the southern part of the island, took a helicopter ride over the entire island and went to a Luau. It was a blast and a memory that won’t soon be forgotten!!


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August 23, 2013

Summer 2013

Well school begins this coming Monday. Which marks the end of the summer for students whereas those who have jobs keep working all summer like ME. All good. It has been an enjoyable one.  Highlights below:

we have enjoyed going to see the Houston Astros this season. We purchased a mini season package and went to about 2 games a month. That has been fun. 

We have enjoyed our pool – that is the community pool – but it seems like we’re the only ones that use it mostly. We have enjoyed heather and I playing tennis in the evening time. Shes not much of a player (self admitted) but is getting better every time we play. 

We visited my Cali family this past weekend. It was good to see everyone. We stayed at the Huntington Beach Waterfront Hotel and that was real nice. It was right across the street from the beach and I loved it. We had 2 great days out there and even got to see Heathers cousin Bobby and his girlfriend Kaitlyn who came down from LA. 

We also took a trip to Gulf Breeze,Fl to see Bradford for the 4th this summer. It was a nice visit, but instead of making it to the beach like we planned, it rained the whole weekend. It was still nice though. 

We have a big Bday bash planned for heather and myself this October and excited about that. We also are going to Hawaii to celebrate. Can’t wait!!!!!

until next time. Blessings!!

December 31, 2012

2012 Vacation in Florida


We ventured to sunny Key Largo, Florida. What a beautiful place in the world it is. We were there for 7 days and the 80 degree weather everyday was welcomed. One day, we traveled a hour and a half South to Key West and enjoyed the day trip there. While there we took a picture at the southern most point in the continental US. There was a small line there, but it went quick and the people there were quite friendly. We saw Earnest Hemingways home there and ate lunch at a beach front restaurant. Afterwards, I took Sophie and dipped her feet into the cold Atlantic Ocean. She was smiling and enjoyed the water. 

We swam in the rental house pool practically everyday and there was a nice jacuzzi as well to warm you up in the cool night. I even got a pretty nice tan while there. 

Sophie went swimming in the pool for the first time in her whole 5 months of life. She really enjoyed that too. It was a good time in all and a welcomed break from the daily grind that life can be at times. 

We spent the trip with Heathers family there and we all enjoyed each others company. We cooked on the BBQ many times and I enjoy cooking and handled that myself. 

Theater Under the Sea was the theme park we went to and saw a Dolphin show, a Parrot show and a Sea Lion show. This park was the 2nd oldest park in the US. We were really up close to all the marine life and I think it rivaled Sea World for what it had to offer. Very fun trip that was. 

Grant and I went on a Jet-Ski adventure in the Atlantic for an hour each. That was fun but exhausting. An hour straight on a Jet-Ski can get tiresome quickly. It was fun nonetheless. 

Our flight home was quick and nice and Sophie is an excellent traveler with little crying or complaint thankfully. We arrived to 45 degree weather here in Houston and weren’t upset by it all.    


April 1, 2012


Heather & I drove to Rosemary Beach, FL last weekend. Her uncle Bob owns a second home there. It’s right past Destin & Panama City. It was very beautiful there. We rented a carriage house for 3 nights.

The sands were white and lovely and the water was refreshing and pretty. We went to celebrate Heather’s Grandmothers 90th Birthday. All of heathers aunts & 1 uncle were there. Bunch of cousins as well. It was a real nice family time. We laughed and ate and enjoyed the whole trip. We bought her grandma 90 scratch-off lottery tix because she loves those. She was pretty shocked we bought her that many. On her first scratch-off she won a dollar. We smiled.

We also went parasailing on morning. That was pretty fun too. We drove back after a fine weekend and crossed 4 states to get back. Very pretty countryside and the 9.5 hour drive wasn’t too bad.

I’m blessed to have such a wonderful side of a new family.

October 4, 2010

A New Mexico Weekend

We just got back from a fun-filled trip to New Mexico this weekend!  What a great time we had in Albuquerque(specifically), as Heather’s folks live there. 

The plan was focused around hanging with the family and going on a balloon ride.  There is what is known as the ‘Balloon Fiesta’ that occurs the first two consecutive weekends in October.  Really cool.  So, we got in on Thursday and went on our balloon ride on Friday morning.  It was real cool.  There is a lot to setting up and getting ready to go on the balloon initially.  So, they blew up the balloon & Heather and I got on.   We rode for about an hour and twenty minutes.  It seemed like it went much quicker than that though.  Very smooth ride it was.  Not sure what I was expecting, but it was as smooth as anything.  Not real scary either being about only 250′ above the earth.  The views were real pretty as well.  I know what it’s like to be Superman a little bit, with a bird’s-eye view from above and looking down and around on God’s splendor.  The ride ended and to say that these rides end smoothly is not true.  We had to find a place to land, which we found a road and then landed it, which is a feet in itself.  There is a crew that follows you around on the ground and they were a bunch of neat guys.  They showed up and we got the balloon deflated and started packing it up, all before 9:30 am  HA!  Then there was the ritual for the newby, me.  It involved a short ‘Balloonist Prayer’ along with the sprinkling of mother earth’s gravel on both my shoulders and 2 pieces of sage on both my ears.  Lastly, as I was kneeling before the group, there was the grabbing of the cup of champagne with no hands and then the dousing of the same(by one of the crew members Andy) over my head with the left-overs of such after everyone got to toast with me.  I was wet and smiling and enjoying the fun ritual.  Great weather, great people and a good time!!

Later that day, after a good shower, we went to the Sandia Peak Tramway.  This was Fabulous!   It boasts the world’s longest passenger tramway and sits 2 miles above sea level.  Spectacular views of the entire city and region await atop of this majestic location.  We ate lunch at High Finance restaurant and walked around and saw the beautiful scenery.  Can’t really put into words how gorgeous it truly was up there.  The rocks, foliage, animals and views were all worth it!  This place definitely comes with a huge recommendation must when visiting this city!!

The weather was in the 80’s most of the time and cool in the evenings, but not too cold…yet.  Very dry climate though, unlike Houston.  It reminded me of California in a lot of ways, with the restaurants, grocery stores and climate that all were similar. 

We visited the Greek festival while there, met some wonderful family friends and ate at all the local favorite hot spots that Heather grew up with.  It was truly a fun time.  As with all fun times, they unfortunately have to end.  Seeing ABQ, NM was a great time.  I look forward to visiting there again.

Here’s to great vacations!

May 13, 2010

Trip of a lifetime

I just got back from a really Awesome trip of a lifetime.  I went to Giza/Cairo, Egypt. The Giza Pyramids as they’re called, as well as Memphis(the original capitol of Egypt) where Huge statues of Ramses II were and then off to see Saqqara, another location of pyramids.  I also visited a papyrus institute and a hand making carpet factory.  WOW!  All of these places individually were phenomenal!!!  almost 4600 years old.

I travelled south then to Sharm El-Sheikh on the Red Sea.  Very touristy city where lots of European vacationers go as well as Russians too.  From there I took a 3 hour trek on bus to Mt.Sinai(where Moses was given the 10 Commandments TWICE).  This was really cool.  At the base of the mountain(and it was a mountain!) was St. Catherine’s Monastery, which is the oldest active monastery in the world(circa 550 AD).  The Red Sea was full of beautiful fish that were up on close on the shore and you could see all kinds of wonderful tropical fish.  Wild! 

Lastly, I ended up at Aqaba/Petra, Jordan.  This place was magnificent(circa 500 BC).  The sites were unbelievable!!   The Gulf of Aqaba was real pretty and nice.  The water was pretty hues of blues and very salty.

I loved eating the arabic food there for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The shisha was good too!!

I have never seen so much history in one trip, as old as it was.  The people were very kind and hospitable everywhere and there weren’t any major issues besides a little volcanic ash to postpone the flight home.

September 8, 2009


I had a wonderful weekend this past Labor Day weekend.  I went to Cabo San Lucas.  The weather was perfect, the beach was clear, blue and green and beautiful.  The city was real nice as were the people.  I would definitely go back and definately recommend it to anyone that would want to go as well. 

Work to Live and NOT live to work is my motto!!

July 1, 2009


Just got back from a fabulous trip in California with my family.  I really enjoyed the time.  I got to see my uncle Jessie, whom I haven’t seen in 10+ years.  He looked good too!  I saw his son MO(Hamoudi) whom I haven’t seen since he was like 3 or 4, and now he’s 18 and in college, crazy!  I also met his other son, whom I didn’t even know, Omar.

The weather was great, the beach was Awesome and now I’m back from vacation and at work and wishing I was still on vacation. 

Saw some close friends and hung out and that was real nice too!!

Work to Live is my motto, not vice versa!!

May 14, 2008


We are off to Rome starting tomorrow evening.  I can’t wait!!!!  So, I of course won’t be blogging for several days.  I will of course, post some pics here when we get back from there.  Rome, Florence and Venice are all in our plans along with a short visit to Paris on the way.  Have you been there before?  If so, I would love to hear about your trip(s) and the where’s and when’s.

So, I will miss blogging whilst out, but I’m sure that if your reading this, your probably blogging for ME!  🙂

I can’t wait to share our trip with you when we do get back and I’ll tell all(well, most everything)



April 29, 2008

happy days

The weather is beautiful here in Houston.  We broke a record for how cold it was last night, which I don’t mind at all.  It was only like 50 something, but that’s cold for Tejas this time of year.  The temp now is like high 70’s and I’m LOVIN’ it!  It’s real nice having a convertible too when the weather is like this.  Just drop the top and go for a ride, kinda weather.

So, I have classes this week for work and it’s been an information overload as the typical classes go, but my company is an Acronym freak.  I guess that’s where I get my acrostic/acronym behavior from?!?!?!?!?!  I’m learning a lot and I also like not having to do REAL work while in class as well.  It’s nice and a change of pace too.

Me and the wifey are very excited as we have about 2 weeks until we go on vacation to Italy.  I’m so stoked and excited about it.  We have been wanting to do this since we got married 9 years ago.  It’s been a long vacation in the works for sure.  We never really had a huge vacation like this one ever and after the last 2 years of cancer hell, it’s gonna be worth the wait and the pain we went through.  I’m so glad that happy days are here again.

Have a Happy Day!