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January 23, 2018

My dad

When I got the call it was mid-August, 2015.  My dad had a massive Stroke. It was the middle of the night phone call, you know the one’s you dread to get, knowing all calls at 3:30 am are never good.  I cried initially and then was thankful that he was still alive. I jumped on a plane that flew out about 7 am that morning and got to LA as quick as I could. The next several days were pretty traumatic. Trying to figure out why he had a stroke, what happened and what caused it. My dad spent several weeks in the intensive care unit. They drilled a hole in his head to release the pressure that had built up in his brain from excess blood. They put a feeding tube into a hole they cut in the middle of his esophagus/throat area. He didn’t like being under sedation for such a long period of time, but we had to because of all the recovery that needed to get done.

The brain surgeon who operated on him said his stroke, on a severity scale of 1-10, was around a 7.5, which was pretty bad.  Fortunately, after it was all said and done, he made it out of the hospital. Unfortunately, he was left with no mobility in his right hand and his right leg. So he is confined to a wheel chair now.  He is able to use his left hand to eat and grab, which is good, and his left leg moves fine as well. Sadly, the Dr. said that after about 12 months of initial stroke, if you haven’t recovered fully in that time, chances are you are stuck with whatever motor skills and movement you have at that point.  He also can’t speak clearly nor get out a full conversation of words. Very hard to communicate with him. It’s hard.

I pray for my dad and for his salvation as well. He was never saved and was always a non-practicing Muslim.  He lived for this life and not the next. I love my dad and always will.

I just got back from seeing him this past weekend and enjoyed some quality one on one time with him. I try to see him at least once a year if not more, it’s just hard with him living 2000 miles away.  I speak to him on the phone a couple times a week and just tell him I love him and miss him and he’s able to get those words out to me as well.

If you ever experienced this in your own life, please share in the comments section below. I pray you won’t have to, but these type of things are a part of life I guess and we have to deal with them as they come.


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May 18, 2009

the older I get

I found out that an old friend of mine Joel Sykes passed this last Friday.  He had a massive stroke at the young age of 40.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard it.  He was on life support for about a day or so and they realized he wasn’t going to make it and they pulled the plug.  This is unbelievable because you are not supposed to die from a stroke at the age of 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I wish I had more another opportunity to speak with him, it’s been several years since I had.  He had left our church under not so good circumstances and the last time I spoke with him was at Texadelphia where we all used to meet for lunch once a week.

He remarried and moved away with his new woman.  This was unfortunate that we never had another opportunity to speak.  He was such a good guy, with a big heart for God and a big passionate person for music and for life.  He had a memory like an elephant and always remembered things I never could.

His funeral is Wednesday and this just makes me sad.  I realize how short life is and how ‘when it’s your time, it’s your time’ & ‘there really is nothing you can do about it!’

I know he was saved and know that none of us are perfect and at least what he went through was seemingly quick and painless.  He will be missed.  Miss ya Joel.  Sorry we never had another chance to reconnect man.  I wish things didn’t turn out the way did and wish we had continued our wonderful friendship and memories we were building with our families at the time.  Love you man and you will be missed!

The longer I live, I guess the more I will see people pass around me….how sad….I don’t want to live this life forever that’s for sure….