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September 25, 2013


On Twitter, there was a guy I followed that posted some neat topics about current events. I noticed one day that I hadn’t seen his posts in a while, so I went to find him and see what he was doing and why he wasn’t posting. I found out via his profile exclamation, “I used to post a lot of cool stuff, but I don’t anymore, get over it!”. I laughed to myself for several reasons.

First, it was pretty funny what he said.
Second, I realized he either got bored or something else happened, but the mundane of daily current events must have gotten to him. No substance.

My thoughts then wandered back to me. I was thinking about this blog and my twitter account and what I say and post, etc. What I began years ago on this blog and since I have been tweeting is that “It’s not about me or current events, necessarily”, but my focus has always been more Faith/Jesus based and less about me or current events. I enjoy posting random things and talking about my life, but ultimately I knew that my profile ultimately would end up like the guy’s quote earlier.

So, in closing, I do realize that I am finite and God is infinite and to talk about Him is wayyy more relevant than I ever will be.