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December 28, 2009


“For a worker is worth his keep”    Matthew 10:10b

Reading my devotional I came across this scripture.  It hit me today and then I was speaking with a co-worker about his 19-year-old as well on this topic.  WORK!  At anything and everything you do, WORK at it.  Don’t be lazy.  Don’t expect things to be given you.  There is no such thing as ‘OWED!’  Nothing comes free and all is given at a cost/price.  Even our Salvation cost Jesus His life. 

Learn the value of a dollar.  WORK for the things you desire and WORK hard.  Even a lazy, half-hearted effort will get you something, but you will also reap what you sow and half-hearted returns will be what you get.  Shortcuts and easy way outs and excuses are for the birds.  Don’t be stuck in the lack of caring, lack of responsibility crowd.  Own up to your faults, make things better for you and your family and WORK hard at everything you do.  WHY?…because a worker is worth his keep.

“Lord, help us to work hard and give us the strength and guidance and direction to do so. Amen.”

February 9, 2008

You can never out give God!

Have you ever served the Lord before in any capacity?  Have you ever noticed that no matter the sacrifice you gave or how hard it was or even how simple it was, that you were blessed in return 10 fold?  That’s how I feel everytime I do something for God.  No matter how hard and how much He always will give back.  He will always provide and supply as well. 

He equips the called, not calls the equipped.   Have you heard that one before too?  Well, it’s true.  Throughout scripture, you see how man looks on the outside of man, but God looks upon the heart and the inside of man.  He knows better than we do about EVERYTHING!! 

So the next time your doing something for the Lord and find yourself grumbling and having a hard time(me included), just remember the blessing that’s going to come from it and out of it.  Remember that you reap what you sow and just remind yourself that “You can never out give God!”    Amen!