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November 5, 2008

history has been made…

History was made last night as the nation’s first mixed-race, black and white mother and father respectively, was elected President of the United States(POTUS).

Historically, this is great for our nation to move forward and past a history that is tarnished with race issues.  Humans/Humanity is NOT Perfect and if it was we wouldn’t need Jesus.  Again, man is not perfect, and there isn’t a country around the world, nor government around the world that is perfect or right or just or has a untarnished past/history. 

We as a country, need to move forward with more Love toward our fellow man, as Jesus taught us, and less with hatred towards each other, as the devil wants.

I don’t think any POTUS can solve these issues.  It is up to us a people and nation to move past these issues and love more, not a POTUS.  If we expect the POTUS to get this country to love more and bring unity, then we are expecting more than we can even expect of ourselves.  It is wrong to expect and put all our hopes, dreams and aspirations on one man.  The POTUS elect has a long history that comes with the job not just the last 8 years, but 232 years of These United States being a country and having a President.

We need to look at ourselves as individuals to make a change and be better.  Again, not putting or making one man try to live up to expectations that are impossible to live up to.  It starts with the HUMAN in the mirror, you and me, to make a country great, a nation prosper and make this country a better place to live for us and our children and our children’s children.

I love my country, the United States of America, and I think this is the BEST country in the world, PERIOD!  I have been around the world and seen what other countries have and offer and seen how lower class, middle class and upper class live and there is NO comparison to what we have here as a nation.  I think the world is a beautiful place, but THE USA is home for me and always will be, no matter how pretty and nice another country might be that I visit.

Let’s help make this President elect one that can continue a long history and tradition, in the likes of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, to empower and enable a nation to be better and be THE USA that we all know and love.