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March 6, 2011


I think that not going to Church is just as bad as coming up with an excuse as to why you don’t believe in Jesus. I do understand that there may be reasons from time to time that you can’t make it to Church, but to just say NO completely to going to Church is very unhealthy for your continued spiritual growth and faith.

I also believe in supporting your local Church with your prayers, presence, offerings & service. All these things should be an active part of your life and all are equally important. There aren’t any of the 4 that aren’t more important than the other.

If you are unhappy with your current Church, find a Church that you can relate to and understand and grow.  No point in going to a Church that you don’t understand what they are saying or that don’t offer spiritual growth for you as well.

Just going to Church isn’t enough either. You need to get involved. You need to join a Sunday School class and contribute in some service.  It’s sort of like putting your money where your mouth is. If you think that going to Church for 1 hour a week is going to change you because for the other 100+ hours of the week your being fed by the ‘world,’ your sorely mistaken.  You need to be fed and get active so you can express your faith. So you can discover your faith and so you can know what you believe in as well. You won’t get that out of just 1 hour of Church a week.

I understand there may be excuses you have to not going to Church, but hey, save them, your only hurting yourself!

I encourage you to be more active in the life of your Church starting today.


February 16, 2010


You shall find me, when you shall search me with all your heart – Jeremiah 29:13

I had lunch with a brother in Christ today. It was real nice, because we spoke of God and faith and Emmaus and wonderful times we have been experiencing.  He told me how he went to Church recently and experienced a wonderful Saturday Service.  As he shared this with me I was inspired by his story and made me want to go to Church everyday.  It’s just wonderful to be with people who love the Lord and want to spend time with him and focus on things in life that really matter like Jesus, Faith and Fellowship.

I also wanted to share about a buddy of mine that’s headed to Iraq today.  His name is Tony and I wanted to ask for your prayers for him.  It will only be a short trip of 4 months for him, but it does concern me as he will be stationed in Baghdad.  And even though it’s in a secure zone, it’s still dangerous.  I know for myself, as I pondered the thought of leaving for a 4 month trip to Iraq, that I really don’t think I would do it.  So, just asking for prayers for him and that he has a quick return back from there as well and stays safe.  We had a nice dinner with him and friends at Pei-Wei and enjoyed wonderful fellowship. I hated to see him leave, but hope that this will be a blessing for him.

Father, thank for wonderful people that you have put into my life to bless me.  May I return in some sort of way those same blessings back to them and others as well.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

November 10, 2009

God Bless our troops

Here and abroad.  I pray for their salvation and pray for protection for all of them, at home and abroad.  My prayers go out to all the victims injured and lost in the Ft.Hood massacre that occurred just days ago.

“Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer”  Psalm 66:20

May 7, 2008


In a recent event this past Sunday evening an intern at our local church was driving home and a random act of violence almost took her life.   Please read the article to find out the whole story.  The many scary things about this is that she didn’t know the people, the act happened close to my home and she almost died.

Her dad says that he has forgiven the perpetrator and that takes some serious praying I know.  I just can’t believe that people would do stuff like this.  How badly deranged do you have to be to do something like this?  It’s so uncalled for.  I wonder if the perp really knew what he was doing?  This really bothers me.  I’m sure stuff like this happens all the time around my neighborhood and probably yours too.  This just happens to be someone we knew that shared the web article about it and we found out.

let’s keep this girl Megan Cox in your prayers for a quick and full recovery and let’s pray for the perp who did this.  That through this he would find Christ and realize the err of his ways.

January 30, 2008

prayers for wednesday


This is a contemporary prayer from “My Daily Prayer Book” 

O, mighty Lord, I pray that You will be my shield as I do battle against ignorance, cruelty and injustice.  Through your unending love, I pray that you will grant me goodness and steadfastness, so that I might lead others to do Your will and glorify Your name.