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December 14, 2017


First off, I would like to apologize for not writing more on here in the past year. 2017 has been a very busy year for me and my family. I do however want to reiterate that I post daily on my Twitter handle @sammm1777  Please follow me there.

I also want to rededicate my writings on this blog since they have been a great spiritual and creative way for me to reflect on my life(past, present & future).

With that, I always want to give God the Glory for all he has done for me this year, as always and every year. That ultimately is the point of our lives…to give him the glory for everything and in everything, regardless.

Living in Houston, Texas has been a challenge in itself as we have experienced devastation in Hurricane Harvey this year. Thank you Lord that we were mostly spared. We had some roof leaking and still need to get that fixed, but no flooding in our home. I know that now still, many are rebuilding their lives and homes from that Hurricane on August 28th. I still pray for them.

December-It snowed here, keeping on that weather track. I couldn’t believe it! Like a lot of snow, like the whole ground and trees and roofs and everything were totally covered in snow! It was beautiful. We took the kids out early around 7am and had snow ball fights and made snowmen. It was glorious!

snow pic

My wife and I also took a wonderful trip to Italy and Ireland. Both beautiful countries in their own right and we admired every minute of it.

We also enjoyed the Grand Canyon in a quick, fast and fun impromptu trip.

We hosted SB LI in Houston as well and I got to enjoy the NFL experience here back in February


Great Bible Study and Church time as well, thank you Grace Bible Church!


Can’t forget my Astros winning it all in the World Series against the Dodgers. This was my perfect WS match-up as both my favorite teams met in the fall classic!


My brother-in-law got married (Grant & Amber) in July and we went out to Albuquerque, NM for their wedding. I got my marriage license certificate to marry them. What a blessing it was and how glorious of a wedding it was. Praise God.

Finally got to see Metallica in concert as well and that was very cool! 30 yrs in the making for that!!

My kids both turned 5 and 2 respectively and I love them so much.

My wife and I celebrated 6 years of marriage and what a true blessing she has been to me and my life. Thank God for her everyday & for choosing the right woman to marry.

Thank you 2017, it has been a real great one. Now let’s celebrate this Christmas season basking in God’s beauty and thankful to him for saving us all through his son Jesus Christ!


September 23, 2011

My Wedding 9-10-11

So my brother Barek, my almost brother-in-law Grant, and myself stayed at my great friend Tony’s house on Friday night and woke up Saturday September 10th, the day of my wedding there.  We ate a hearty breakfast that was prepared by Tony himself.  Then I worked out a bit at Tony’s house to be freshly prepared for the days festivities.  We then went to Niko Niko’s for lunch(in case you have never eaten there, it’s a delicious Greek cuisine restaurant) and we all ate the Gyro plate–YUM!!  My dad and Kevin(Karen’s husband) met us there, along with all my groomsmen.  We had a great time eating and chatting about life and the wedding that was impending.

We then went back to Tony’s house and I took a little nap whilst watching the college football game.  Very relaxing.  We then got up and got ready and put our Tuxedo’s on and drove off to the Church to be there at 4:30pm.

Once we got there, we went to the Bell Choir room and set up in there.  Low-carb monster drinks were there along with fig newtons to snack on.  Kevin, my brother arrived along with cute little Jacob(my nephew-who was also the ring bearer) and then we went to take pictures outside where it was a paltry 95 degrees!!

Heather and I exchanged gifts outside her dressing room without looking at each other. It was real neat.  I got her a beautiful necklace and earrings from Swarovski that we had picked out months before and she got me a steel necklace that is real cool!

I walked in at the appropriate time after both our mothers lit the unity candles and waited for my bride to come down the aisle.  When she did, my heart fluttered and my eyes began to well up with tears of joy and happiness.  I was so excited that this day had finally come and that I am able to marry the TRUE love of my life, Heather Allison!

We exchanged personal vows with each other, that no one really heard, because we didn’t want to mic up and they were very special and we both went back and forth tearing up, it was joyous.

We said our ‘I Wills’ and kissed and walked down the glorious aisle of marriage where 9 months previous I had proposed to her.  We took pictures with family afterwards and then headed to the country club to join in the celebration of our marriage.

Chicken dinner was fabulous and the drinks were flowing.  We had everyone there that we wanted to be there, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings and wonderful friends–exactly how we wanted it.  No drama happened that whole night, just a lot of dancing and more tears of joy and smiles everywhere.

We left late that night to an air of sparklers that lit the walkway to our limousine ride that sent us off to our hotel for the night.

Love is grand and so is my new, beautiful wife.  The Real love of my life.

Thank you Lord for giving me someone so special that is a gift of your grace to me.

August 31, 2011

Our Honeymoon

So we were going to Turks&Caicos island in the Caribbean for our honeymoon, but nooo, a little Hurricane named Irene flew over the poor island and rocked it out along with half of the Caribbean and the Eastern Seaboard of the USA.

Fortunately, we had insurance for the all-inclusive vacay and have rebooked our trip for Jamaica now. Praying that no more lovely Hurricanes come into the gulf the rest of this season Lord willing.

March 30, 2010

The Vatican

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April 20, 2009

the big question?

You know, I just read an article about how in the Miss USA pageant, a woman answers a question about her thoughts on gay marriage.  First of all, why is that question even being asked?  Why is the gay right and movement have to be center stage in a pageant?  Why is it that religion has no room in a pageant, but the far left insist on making gay rights a non-religious movement but a political one.  This puzzles me.  If you don’t want an answer to your question that is different than your views, beliefs or thoughts, DON’T ASK THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this young lady answers, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  The MC happens to be an openly gay man that has a blog as well.  Why is he asking this question?  Does he think everyone believes like him only?  Why is it wrong to say what you believe in anymore if it’s different than your view?  There is seriously something wrong when my thoughts and views are different than yours and it’s ‘wrong’! 

We all have rights to say and believe what we want, even if it’s different than yours and you know what, I agree with the woman’s answer.  Biblically speaking, it is wrong and I believe what the Bible says.  If you have a problem with that, take it up with God himself, because He said it NOT ME! 

We can all agree to disagree.  Even in the Church, we have differences in what we all believe, but the one thing that is NOT up for debate is that God is part of the Trinity-Three in one.  Jesus is the way and the truth and the life.  That is black and white and there is no gray area there, period.  Outside of that, we can see things differently, but believing in Jesus as God’s only son and that He is the way to Heaven is not optional or up for debate.

I have friends in the church that have turned from homosexuality and are married now to a woman and believe in Jesus.  No one is perfect and we all fall short of the glory of God, including myself.  I am not casting the first stone, and we all will be held accountable for what we do, say and live when we leave this earth.

January 14, 2009

for my friends ‘n familia

I was advised recently to keep blogging.  At least to keep up daily blog’s is what I think was inferred.  My question to y’all is…do you blog too??  And if so, what is your blog so I can read it as well!

I love to blog anyway and it seems to come natural for me.  I like to think about what I’m going to say or topics or points that I would like to bring up whilst having meaningless conversations with others.  Doh..did I say that out loud?  jk.

Some days seem to be harder than others while going through a divorce.  Some days seem easier too.  Talking with friends and family about my situation helps me tremendously and I thank all of you for that.  I realize that vocalizing my issues better help me cope with them.  Do they for you too?  I am not that kind of person to hold things in forever and then throw up on a person with a million words all at one time.  I’m more like continuous and steady.  I find it as stress relief to talk out loud my issues rather than hold them in, capeche?

It takes 60 days as a mandatory waiting period before you can complete a divorce, at least in the state of Texas.  I know it’s different in other states as well, but it’s 60 here.  Then afterwards you can go forward with formalities as long as both parties are in agreeance.  Little things that you never think of like this after you get married.  Life is wonderful and full of Love and Joy after you get married.  Then the daily grind hits, trust erodes and then you find yourself in a marriage that has died after 10 years.  WOW…how depressing!

Don’t want to bring anyone down with this post, but I have to share my feelings, raw. 

Amazingly, going through this, I have found as I’m sharing my story, that people are dealing with issues and troubles as well.  It’s ironic how, when your going through stuff in life, you feel isolated or that no one else is going through things, but it’s not true.  Everyone is dealing with issues all the time, everyday.   Not just me!  Tony Evans, Pastor in Dallas, said “We are either entering a storm, in the middle of a storm or coming out of a storm in life”  How true that is, isn’t it?  No matter what’s going on in your life you find yourself in 1 of the 3 places that he states.  I am glad that as I’m opening up with folks, that they are opening up with me as well. 

As a Christian, you feel this obligation to live a perfect life.  You feel like if you do something bad or wrong or say something not too P.C., that your going to be looked down or frowned upon and it’s true.  I really feel bad mostly about how I have a failed marriage.  How others perceive that is hard too.  But, through this, I have found loving folks that are being helpful mostly and praying for me, which I’m thankful for.  I do know though, that there will be those that will alienate me because of this, I hope not, but that is life I think and that’s how the cookie crumbles.  That’s human nature and be it as it may, no one is perfect, including me!

January 12, 2009

new chapter

I have entered a new chapter in my life.  My wife and I are separated and in the process of a divorce.  I have moved into my own apartment because she wants the house, so I decided to move out.

I am sorry to whom this news may hurt as I am dissappointed as well.

It hurts me as well and it is not easy to go through this, especially when you gave your all for 10 years of marriage.

I ask for your prayers and support for me and for her as well.

I wrote about TRUST in my previous post and that is a must in any marriage.

I really do hope the best for you Angie.

July 12, 2008


What a beautiful thing marriage is.  For me, it’s a covenant between you and God first, then you and your spouse.  I find it more meaningful when I look at marriage this way.  It means that I have made a commitment/covenant to God Almighty first and then to my wife.  It makes it more real and strong and that I don’t take my marriage lightly like Hollywood does.

When I got married my Pastor told us “You will both fall in and out of love a thousand times.  But, love is a commitment to each other, not just a feeling.”  That is so true and has really helped me think about how this is relevant to me.  My parents have both been married and divorced several times.  That has been a bad track record for me to look at.  But, I have resolved to break the cycle and that starts with me.  On the other hand, my wife’s parents are still married and they are working on 40 years(which is a great thing!)

Marriage isn’t easy by any means.  It is just like a job in theory.  When you go to work, you learn, spend long hours, work hard and expect results.  The same can be said for marriage.  It doesn’t drive in auto-pilot, it takes work, just like the job you go to. 

Being married for 9+ years now, I have been grateful to love my wifey and spend the time and enjoy the life we share.  I look forward to many more years in the future.  Looking up to other married couples that have been married for 20, 30, 40 years + gives me hope and makes me smile.  I know that being married that long doesn’t happen by auto-pilot, but by hard work.

Make a date night with you and your wifey or hubby and enjoy the time with each other, it will be well worth it.


June 24, 2008

it’s the economy stupid!

This is a great article written prior to the 2004 Presidential Election.  The highlighted points I would make is more on the morality of the article.  Enjoy!

(AgapePress) – Most everyone remembers the phrase made famous by James Carville: “It’s the economy, stupid.” In order to keep everyone “on message,” Carville, a brilliant political strategist, hung it on a sign in Bill Clinton’s Little Rock campaign headquarters. Despite President Bush’s high approval ratings in the polls after a war with Iraq, the mantra resonated with the nation and Bush lost to Clinton in 1992 because most people were concerned with their pocketbooks.

No one can rightly deny the importance of economic matters to the country. However, when a culture measures and considers everything in terms of dollars and cents, it’s subject to lose its soul.

Bill Clinton is a case in point. No president ever did more to assault American ideals. His administration was rift with scandals, habitual lying and abuse of power. He defiled the presidency. Yet given the opportunity, the American people would likely re-elect him today because of his record on the economy.

Are we selling out? I think this is exactly the case. In fact, I will go so far as to suggest that God was rebuking our covetous ways, when on 9/11 — the World Trade Center, America’s great monument to materialism — was the object of a terrorist attack. In chapter 5 of his epistle, the apostle James solemnly warns the nation that makes money its God: “Come now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days” (Ja. 5:1-3). Wealth can so easily eat away like a malignancy, and make us lose our sense of priorities.

Never before has America’s temptation to supplant core values with a trust in money been more glaringly obvious than in the 2004 presidential election. And never before has our nation’s future been more at risk.

Presidential candidate John Kerry supports abortion rights. He opposed a partial-birth abortion ban as undermining a woman’s so-called right to choose. President George W. Bush signed a partial-birth abortion ban into law. Concerning abortion in general, Kerry says: “We Democrats want to protect the constitutional right of privacy and make clear that at the center of this struggle is our commitment to have a Supreme Court that will protect … the right to choose in this nation.” Since being elected president, Bush has vigorously sought to keep his campaign promise “that every child, born and unborn, ought to be protected in law and welcomed into life.”

According to WorldNetDaily, John Kerry has “declared opposition to same-sex marriage, but two years ago he signed a letter issued by homosexual Rep. Barney Frank urging Massachusetts state lawmakers to drop an amendment limiting nuptials to a man and a woman.” In 1996, Kerry opposed similar legislation saying it was akin to efforts of the 1960s to prohibit interracial marriages. He was one of only 14 Senators to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act. President Bush, however, has boldly come out against gay marriage in support of a Constitutional amendment clarifying the sacred institution as being between one man and one woman.

Kerry also boasts of being strong on national security by pointing to his support for $200 billion in intelligence funding in the last seven years. But just two years after the first attack on the World Trade Center, Kerry proposed cuts in intelligence spending. He has also voted against weapons programs such as the B-1 and B-2 bombers, F-15 Eagle and Tomcat fighters, Apache helicopter, and the Patriot and Trident missiles. Plus, he sought to cut funding for programs including the M-1 Abrams tank, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Tomahawk Cruise Missile, and the F-16 Falcon fighter jet. Two decades ago, Kerry called for an end to President Reagan’s military buildup that was responsible for winning the Cold War. A few years later, he opposed the first Gulf War. These are not the actions of a leader genuinely committed to a strong national defense.

No doubt this is why North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Il, recently called a press conference announcing his preference for Kerry over President Bush. According to an excellent editorial by The Times News (Burlington, NC), the North Korean “media relentlessly excoriates Bush, it plays up polls showing Kerry could defeat the president, spotlights Kerry’s claims that Bush deceived the world on Iraqi weapons programs, broadcasts Kerry speeches and replays the Senator’s pledge to adopt a ‘sincere attitude’ toward North Korea if elected — all music to the ears of a regime that has an estimated 150,000 Koreans in forced labor camps created to punish alleged political dissidents and their family members, as well as North Koreans who fled to China but were forced back by the Chinese government. The Timesspeculates this is because the North Koreans believe a President Kerry — an avowed internationalist not known as a hard-liner on national security — would be easier to deal with on nuclear proliferation and other issues than the more hawkish Bush Administration.” Indeed, and what does this tell us about the way the rest of the “world’s tyrants, aggressors and nuclear proliferators are sizing up the two candidates”?

Except for the State’s right to acknowledge God, nothing is more fundamental to our nation’s character than its commitment to protect the most innocent and helpless among us (unborn babies), the sanctity of marriage and the homeland. Nevertheless, Kerry’s campaign insists most Americans are concerned about jobs and the economy, not values-based issues. That may certainly be true, if a recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll is correct that says voters would likely choose Kerry over Bush by a 53 to 46 percent margin.

I’m not one for insulting people’s intelligence, but this overemphasis on economics makes me want to shout from the rooftops: “It’s not the economy, stupid!!!” Instead, it’s our nation’s soul that’s at stake. What shall it profit if everyone has a job and the economy is booming, yet we forfeit our future in the aborted masses, lose marriage and the family through redefinition, and our freedoms are taken by despots unrelentingly plotting our demise. Though the economy is currently improving with every passing day — it shouldn’t matter even if it wasn’t — when it’s a choice between economics and principles essential to the nation’s survival, values are what matter most!!!


April 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I just wanted to post a celebration on my 9 years of marriage to my wonderful wifey Angie today!  I can’t believe how fast 9 years goes by.  We’ve know each other now for over 17 years, which is amazing in itself as well.  Many highs and lows have passed in this time, but all have been worth it for the sake of L-O-V-E!!

Congratulations to all you married couples out there as well that are celebrating your Anniversary today or sometime this year!  🙂