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April 28, 2016



I got this quote below from a good article about Idolatry. I felt the need to post this because of the power and essence of what it said. The way it was worded so eloquently I had to share it with you. Excerpt taken  from this link:

Richard Keyes provides a useful psychological description of how idolatry actually functions in our lives:

“At the most basic level, idols are what we make out of the evidence for God within ourselves and in the world—if we do not want to face the face of God Himself in His majesty and holiness.  Rather than look to the Creator and have to deal with His lordship, we orient our lives toward the creation, where we can be more free to control and shape our lives in our desired directions…since we were made to relate to God, but do not want to face Him, we forever inflate things in this world to religious proportions to fill the vacuum left by God’s exclusion…An idol is something within creation that is inflated to function as a substitute for God.”


July 8, 2008

who is right?

If I’m wrong then who is right?  If I’m right who is wrong?  In this article I just read, a Catholic Church has been vandalised, for the 3rd time.  They aren’t sure why or whom, but it does seem odd that the message left behind this last time stated “Don’t worship idols”  Now, we know in Exodus 20, that God gives Moses the Moral Law through the 10 Commandments(The Moral Law is still valid today BTW)  One of the 10 laws state to not worship idols.  Obviously, the person dismayed made his voice heard by vandalising a Catholic Church.  This is not right or OK by any means.  Just like I don’t believe in abortion because your killing/destroying a life, but that doesn’t give you the right to murder a doctor that performs the abortion or any of the people that work at any of these clinics. 

The answer is not revenge, because God says Revenge is mine, not yours.  I also like that the article states that “Schwieterman tells parishioners that Catholics don’t worship the statues and photos, but rely on them to remind them of the tenets of their faith.” 

The fact that a church has a cross or beautiful statues is not really what is in question in my opinion.  What should be the real question is what’s in your heart?  And I think that whoever committed this lawless crime doesn’t have his/her heart in the right place at all.  Moreover, it is probably an ex member of this Church that was upset with something that had happened at the Church and instead of making their voice known and heard by voicing it amicably, they took matters into their own hands and punished the Church in a very ugly and hurtful way. 

Let’s pray for those who are hurt and have a hard time sharing that hurt with others.