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August 6, 2008


We just survived a Tropical Storm named Edouard.  And yes your right, what’s up with that weird name?  I was searching for the exact spelling and couldn’t find it until I found it on another website for the exact spelling.  Any-who, we had the day off yesterday from work and that ROCKED!  It was nice sleeping in and chilling all day, and we got mostly a bunch of rain and no real damage in the city nor any flooding from what I could tell.  Thank God it was smooth and not a huge Hurricane.  We needed the rain too as the meteorologist stated that we were 10″ below our normal rain amount for the year and I’m sure we are close to caught up now.  Let’s hope this is the worst of it for year.

July 23, 2008

hurricane Dolly

Texas has had it’s first hurricane of the season touch ground today in Southern Texas.  It’s the first Hurricane to hit the US this year, I think, and seems to have made barely Category 1 status.  But, after just checking the latest news, it seems it made a bigger wallop with just over 100mph winds coming onshore.  Let’s hope this is the worst we get for the year. 

I have had flood insurance for the last couple of years, but I didn’t renew the policy this year.  Cost savings was about $300 in my pocket because I’m NOT in a flood zone.  I know it’s more expensive in other areas of Houston if your in a 50 or 100 year flood zone.  The cost seems minuscule in comparison to an actual flooding of my home, but let’s pray that never happens. 

The other issue with hurricanes is that if they enter the Gulf of Mexico, they tend to cause the offshore oil platforms to close down which in turn cause the price of oil to go up and we all know that’s not good news for anybody, especially in the $4/gallon price range we’re already currently paying with all the platforms running full throttle. 

I have always thought about purchasing a generator at my house, just in case, ya know…but never do.  Do you have one?  I guess now is not the time to purchase one, in the middle of hurricase season when they are more popular, but maybe next winter, huh?

Let’s hope this is the end to an already calm season so far of the 2008 Hurricane Season, but seriously we still have until early November…man that’s a long time.