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February 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday

This day, always a Wednesday, begins the Pentecost period for the Church. 50 days until Resurrection Sunday. Ironically, this Lenten season begins & ends on another holiday, Valentine’s Day in the USA. It also, funny enough, ends on Sunday, April 1st, April Fool’s Day.

This period of the Christian year is also considered the birth of the Church. The Holy Spirit era of the Church, where in Acts 2(Acts of the Apostles), the Holy Spirit descends upon them in the Upper Room. This is also predicted by Jesus himself, in John 16:7,13.

It’s imperative that we as believers, not only know the Bible, but understand Church history. What does the bible say and why it says it.  Where to go in the bible to get the correct information. We are to be prepared to give an account for the Hope that is in us as 1 Peter 3:15 states. If we are ignorant to what these beautiful Christian holidays are, so will we be left without a true witness for Christ when non-believers ask us why these holidays are in place.

I think this is a very non-intrusive way to share the Gospel with a world in desperate need of a savior. Annual holidays that are Christian based. Share the history, know your history, give others the gospel!

1 Corinthians 15, is the best way to share the Gospel(good news of Jesus) to this dying world. Read it, know it, share it, & burn it upon your heart and mind. This is your GO TO chapter!


October 26, 2016



This morning’s newspaper quoted a staggering statistic on millennials. 22% of Millennials make up America’s population, but only 10% believe in Jesus.  What does that say about our future and our current state of society?

What it boldly points out to me is that we are failing to share the Gospel in the world and we are not practicing what we preach to our youth.  Sharing the gospel takes boldness and a desire to get a message of Love out to society that is dying. Dying to know Jesus, but unknowingly. Dying physically. Dying for something different and profound. That is who Jesus is. The anti-mundane. The Way, The Truth and the Life.  The anti-establishment. The ‘against the grain‘ guy who turned the 1st Century upside down!  The man who said “If someone slaps you on the cheek, turn the other,” and “The first shall be last and the last, first” and “Love your enemies and pray for them.”  Who says that in society today? Who makes these statements? No one! Society says just the opposite! Get what’s yours, fight back and hate them who hate you.  Not Jesus.

In order for Christ to be real to others, you must shine that light of His to other people. That includes your family and friends. They are your first point of contact and should be the people you reach out to with the Gospel and practicing what you preach. Hypocrites are everywhere and the Church and body aren’t any different. I always say, that’s why I need Jesus. This is true, however, you must show love in a way that you have been shown that love from your creator.  Love transcends everything.  In order to reach – we must Love first & foremost as Jesus did.

Our approach must be different. The way we have approached society for too long must change. Hell-fire and brimstone have their place, but there isn’t a place for that in evangelism.  There is plenty of time for folks to learn about that in their discipleship walk with the Lord. That won’t get them in the door and get them to realize there is a God so big that He gave his only Son to die for all our sins.

Share your personal testimony, that’s what I do. No one can dispute what your story is and how Christ came into your life and change YOU.  This makes Jesus real to those around you and to whom you are sharing Christ with.  Be genuine and don’t act like you are better than anyone.

We are all broken vessels(realized or not) that need a Savior and that is Jesus. Don’t try to be the savior. Just pray and ask God to make your testimony real to those whom you share it with and keep praying afterwards for those whom he has laid on your heart to pray for.

Let’s get the Gospel out to those millennials and everyone else whom we come in contact.





May 1, 2012


I had a very rough week here at work last week. I was beaten up a bit you can say. It was pretty tough. I was trying to figure out why.  Then I remembered that my wife Heather and I were about to go on a spiritual retreat with our 10th Grade Sunday School students along with other senior high students. The weekend was to be a powerful one and the devil was trying to extinguish my excited spirit.  I wasn’t having any of it of course!

As we drove last Friday afternoon after work to Camp Piney Woods in Groveton, TX, I got pulled over by a police officer. I was like,”Oh Great, this will top off the week I had perfectly!”  The police officer said I was speeding, when I thought I was going the speed of traffic.  I also told him, after he asked, that we were headed to a Christian retreat for the weekend and that my wife is pregnant and I wouldn’t drive like that. Well, he checked on my Drivers License and vehicle information and found everything checked out fine and came back and said please slow down and let me off with a warning.  The whole time I was praying, please Lord be my defender and don’t let me get a ticket.  Well, thankfully and to God, i didn’t get that ticket!  Crazy!!

Heather and I were greeted by our students upon arrival with hugs and much love. We were smiling ear to ear and very happy to be there.  Saturday was full of fun. We played volleyball,basketball and swam.  We heard some great preaching and powerful music by one of my favorite Christian artists Robbie Seay Band!  The scriptures that were focused on were from Mark 1, 2 & 3. 

After the long day and dinner and another sermon, we broke up into groups and I was alone with 6 of my 10th grade boys discussing the weekend and what had affected us and it’s impact.  I always try to make the Gospel relevant to them and real.  One of my boys, as I asked him about the weekend and what kind of impact it had on him, started crying.  I knew God was working on his heart.  I spent the discussion time talking about Jesus and what this weekend means and the students poured their heart out too.  Afterwards, I spent some one on one time with this one student.  Little did I know, God was working on his heart big time.  We talked about salvation and where he was and he said he hadn’t accepted Christ yet.  We talked some more and I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen that night. But finally, after much conversation, he said he was ready and I was blessed to lead him in the salvation prayer.  Praise God!!  The angels in heaven were singing!!

Sunday was fun and we closed the weekend out mid-day.  We drove him and I crashed. Physically and Spiritually exhausted.

Looking back now, I realized that the devil was trying to keep me down, but God said NO and had a bigger plan and that was using me to bring another life to accept Jesus.  How Awesome!! What an honor it is to be able to bring another soul to Christ.  I am truly honored to be able to have done this.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share your love with others and to rejoice over a lost soul that is now found. Amen!

February 18, 2011

Powerful Testimony

I have found a passion for a wonderful ministry here in Houston. It’s called street Church. They meet in the Montrose area, in a parking lot, every Wednesday.

The point of it all is to share Jesus with anyone who will listen. Usually the folks that show up are down and out and need help and spiritual support and love. That’s what this ministry provides once a week, every week, for these folks.

I am sharing this video with you from one of the nights I was there. Talk about a powerful testimony, this one will knock your socks off.

It’s about 10 minutes long, but worth watching.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect – 1Peter 3:15

May 19, 2010

4th Day

In Emmaus, there is a term after you have completed your spiritual weekend.  It’s called YOUR 4th Day.  It’s everyday after you 3 day weekend.  You can never be a pilgrim again after you have gone on your Emmaus Walk because of such the unique journey that it is for you.  You can relive it by serving time and time again, like I do!!  But, you only get to be a pilgrim once.

What’s important about your 4th day(the rest of your life) is what you do with it.  For many, the weekend is a mountaintop experience.  For others not so much.  Still others, it’s somewhere in between.  All these reactions are perfectly fine.  What really matters is using the skills and knowledge of the weekend, scripture, experiences and your focus on Christ to guide you in your relationships and future endeavors.

They say it’s in the valleys that all the work is done and that’s true, but experiencing mountain-tops is a joyful and beautiful thing.  We all want to stay there, but there is work to do for the Lord.  We must get dirty and wet in order to get the Good News of the Gospel out to the world in the valleys. 

Let’s enjoy the mountaintops when they come, but never lose sight of them and HIM in the valleys.

De Colores and God Bless!

January 26, 2009

Romans 1:16

I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God, the salvation of everyone who believes – Romans 1:16


The Bible is illegal in 52 countries across the globe.  That is a hard statistic to swallow, especially when you think of the day and age we are in where the clock ticked twelve midnight less than a month ago to 2009! 

Really?  Illegal in 52 countries?  No way?  That is my reaction as well, but it’s true.  You can check it out for yourself at 

I bring this up because I have a heart for missionaries and for getting the Gospel(good news) out to the entire world that is in desperate need of a Savior.  Everyone might not know they need a Savior, but we all do.  His name is Jesus and I love Him! 

The sad part for me is that I know I don’t act the way I should all the time nor am a great witness all the time for Him, but I try and that also is the reason why I need Him.  To save me from my sins when I don’t act like I always should.  Should I continue on sinning?  By no means, states the Apostle Paul.  I should never take God’s grace and forgiveness for granted and I don’t.  But, this is the human condition from the beginning of time.  We are born into sin, live a life of sin and need forgiveness for that sin and the answer is Jesus, the perfect lamb that was slaughtered for our sakes, a propitiation if you will for that sin.

Let’s pray for the missionaries that are persecuted for their faith in Christ around the world and who are fighting to get the Gospel out into these 52 countries and others like them across the globe.  Let’s pray that God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.

December 1, 2008


Our worship leader stated yesterday in our contemporary service that the difference between religion and Christianity is that religion is Man reaching out to God and Christianity is God reaching out to Man.

I thought this was very profound and I’m sure some of you have heard this before.  I really like this statement, because my initial reaction is Jesus is the difference.  He is and that’s true, but the wording this way is a great way to share the Gospel(The Good News) with a lost world.

Encourage someone today!

October 27, 2008

Chuck Colson

I thought I would share some thoughts on different Pastors whom have Integrity and reputable history.  Among them are Chuck Colson.  He of course has a shady career early in his life, but through the Grace of God was able to overcome it and become a leading Theologian of current day.  He, like others, is being used by God to share the Gospel.  He reminds me of many characters in the Bible with character flaws, that we all have and share.

Chuck Colson

Twenty-five years ago, Charles W. Colson was not thinking about reaching out to prison inmates or reforming the U.S. penal system. In fact, this aide to Richard Nixon was “incapable of humanitarian thoughts,” according to the media of the mid-seventies. Colson was known as the White House “hatchet man,” a man feared by even the most powerful politicos during his four years of service to President Nixon. When news of Colson’s conversion to Christianity leaked to the press in 1973, the Boston Globe reported, “If Mr. Colson can repent of his sins, there just has to be hope for everybody.” Colson would agree. He admits he was guilty of political “dirty tricks” and willing to do almost anything for the cause of his president and his party.

Chuck Colson is considered one of America’s leading authorities on the causes of and responses to crime. He has addressed nearly half the state legislatures in America and has met with a majority of governors. He is a syndicated columnist and has contributed articles to magazines and newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune. Colson provides a daily radio commentary to a weekly listening audience of three million people and is a sought-after speaker. Born Again, Colson’s first book, was published in 1976 and became an international bestseller. Since then, he has written 37 other books, whose royalties he donates to Prison Fellowship. Chuck’s latest book, “How Now Shall We Live?” released in summer 1999, equips Christians to articulate the truth of the gospel, live it accordingly, and give a defense of the truth to unbelievers.