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July 13, 2009


Please keep praying for our troops abroad that are fighting for our freedom and the freedom of other countries as well. Please also keep Iran and the situation going on over there in your prayers.  I would also ask that you keep me and my family in your prayers as we are all going through some hard times.


thanks and God Bless!

July 2, 2009

Holiday weekend

I want to say Thank You to all of our soldiers, PAST & PRESENT, who have given their life, time and energy to protect us so that we may enjoy FREEDOM that so many countries and peoples don’t experience like we do here in the Great USA.  Namely Iran and their fight for freedom in their country currently.

God Bless the USA & Happy 4th of July!!!

June 22, 2009


I would like to ask you all to pray for Iran and what’s happening there.  People are dying and being killed for their belief in Freedom and Change.  Pray that God works in that country to help bring freedom to that country.  Pray that God uses the people to help bring about that change and that the government listens and makes that change for the good. 

RIP Neda, who paid the ultimate price for speaking her peaceful voice! 

Let Freedom RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 24, 2008

missing the gospel

The term Gospel means “Good News”  I always repeated this phrase to my Sunday School kids I taught at Church.  I love the fact that sharing the Gospel to a lost world means that your sharing “Good News

In a recent news article there is a young lady that is still in college here in the states and decided to go to Iran to visit family and whilst she is there, to write a report on the lack of women’s rights in that country.  She was found out by the authorities and was subsequently arrested by the police in a traffic stop.  She is currently sequestered and unfortunately, it’s going on 10+ days she has been held in captivity without a means for release.  Let’s pray she is freed soon and can share her experience with the world.  She is not the only one in Iran who has been treated unfairly this way, it’s been going on for decades!  In recent years has the news of government oppression towards women and the fact that anyone who speaks against the government has been coming to light.

You can find that anywhere in the world where the Bible, Jesus and Christians are either oppressed, outlawed or punished/imprisoned, you will find a lack of Freedom.  Iran is such a state.  As well as many other countries in the world as well.  Saudi Arabia, China and other countries as well.  Even though the perception of freedom is there, the lack of religious freedom is oppression of the worst kind.

My point is: where Jesus is not found, you will find serious tyranny and oppression!  Where the Bible is outlawed you will see Government’s trying to control the people.  Why is that?  I believe that the Bible opens eyes to freedom!  I believe that truths throughout scripture open hearts and minds to things that were not thought of or believed in or even conceived.  I believe Jesus brings fear to those who oppose Him.  Even the demons shudder!

Let’s pray for freedom, religious REAL freedom, comes to Iran and to the rest of the countries around the world.  Let’s keep these countries and people in our prayers.  The Bible League has an excellent ministry to spread the Gospel and Bibles to regions where persecution is rampant.  You can read here about the places around the world specifically.

September 17, 2008

what a shame!

This just in, another sport figure is caught cursing the great country that they live in and that makes them wealthy and that blesses them with the freedoms that they enjoy currently.  Josh Howard, a NBA basketball figure, is caught blaspheming the national anthem here.

I don’t normally like to post stuff like this, but I love the Great USA and what this country has done for me and my family and for a young man to talk like this is just outrageous.  This is a big problem we have with young America today.  They think that they ‘deserve’ what they have and then bite the hand that feeds them.  Let’s hope Josh learns a valuable lesson from this as he begins to feel the backlash from the people that pay his salary. 

So sad, the state of our culture today.  This could be the beginning of our demise here in the US.  The rights we feel owed, yet don’t want to fight for.  The rights we feel owed, yet don’t want to pay taxes or help the poor or the needy. 

Let’s make the change, starting with the person in the mirror!

August 13, 2008

West Coast Christian

I grew up in a Muslim culture with my dad and his side of the family in Southern California.  My parents were divorced when I was about 3 or 4.  I had chosen to live with my dad and did so for most of my adolescent years.  I had accepted or at least tried the Muslim faith for a short period of time when I was about 14 or so.  I did realize quickly that it wasn’t for me though.  However, there was still the Arabic influence in my life that I loved: the food, my family, speaking Arabic, etc.

This story about a young man growing up Muslim in the West Bank(Israel/Palestine) and now seeking asylum in Southern California(United States) and attending a Christian Church and forsaking the religion he was brought up with reminds me of my past history and growing up in a similar fashion. 

This has conjured up many thoughts, feelings, memories and emotions.  I’m very proud of this young man for doing what he has done.  The fact is, when you do what he has done, your family forever forsakes you as well.  It’s the culture that dictates this.  Although, his mother might still want to love on him, I’m sure, the fact is, he has left everything he knows to accept, embrace and share his faith in Jesus Christ.  Praise God!!

This brings me to another point.  That is how blessed and privileged we are to live in the United States of America and enjoy the freedoms that were bought by blood by our forefathers to give us the life we have today.  This young man received it and relishes in the beauty of Freedom!  Long Live Freedom!! 

We as Americans, should be more thankful and grateful that we have the rights we do have to practice whatever religion you want in our God Blessed Country, the great USA!  We all have this right, and I know that I’m grateful for it.

I am honored and wowed by this story and hope you read it all, because it is very enlightening and inspiring.  It just hit me so hard and not growing up in “The Church”, but accepting Christ when I was in my early 20’s, Jesus is someone whom I will never forsake or take for granted, especially seeing many sides of life, and other faiths and realizing that He is the only way and truth and life. 

I’m proud to say I’m Christian, from the mountain tops!

May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We’re Back!!  The vacation to Europe was fabulous.  I’ll share more soon.   But for now I would like to send a sincere thanks to all our soldiers who are currently sacrificing themselves for our country and for those who have given their lives for the freedom’s we appreciate and take for granted EVERY DAY!

 I also linked a cool website that is a way to share our support for our troops: