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September 13, 2010

Praise God

While there is breath in your lungs, Praise Him everyday.  Time flies by so fast.  I realize that more and more everyday.  My memory gets longer and not all the days are so vivid like they once were when my memory was shorter.

It’s funny to look back at old pictures and be blown away at what you look like now compared to then.

Life is fun. I try to enjoy it as much as possible.  But for me, life without God is no life at all.  He is my everything first and foremost!

I went to a fun football game yesterday between the Texans and Colts as this was the first game of the 2010 season and my Texans won 34-24. Great game.  Heather, Kevin, Heather and myself all went. Good times spending it with family too!

My days at work are long currently. I’m going through a reorg here at work and it really sucks! Good thing is I have a few short weeks before this is all over and I can get back to doing my old job before I started this one which is IT Analyst(software/hardware support)  My job isn’t guaranteed, but my faith and hope are in God and I trust that as He has taken care of me all my life so far, He will continue to do so through this time.

The scripture that comes to mind from all this rambling is:

1 Thessalonians 5:17 – “Be thankful in all circumstances”   Not necessarily FOR the circumstances but in them.


February 4, 2010


I just took a trip with a buddy to South Miami Beach to see the ProBowl this past Sunday 1/31/10.  It was a pretty neat experience being in SoBe(South Beach)  There is tons of Art Deco buildings everywhere and the pretty pastel lights that light up the night everywhere.  The people were nice when spoken too, but seemed stand off-ish when just passing by them on the street.  Money was prevalent everywhere as Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s were driven up and down Ocean Dr, Collins Ave. & Washington St.  The whole ESPN Sports Center crew was there broadcasting and we even saw Ron Jaworski at a local Starbucks.

The AFC beat the NFC in a high scoring game and the Houston Texans’ own Matt Schaub threw for 2 TD’s and almost 200 yards including a 33-yd bomb to Andre Johnson which netted him the ProBowl MVP Honors.  Great game and Sun Life Stadium(Dolphin Stadium) was pretty cool too as it was a completely open stadium.  This was the main purpose and reason I went, along with a bud named Rob.  This also was the first time that the ProBowl was held anywhere outside of Honolulu, HI.

I enjoyed the experience of the ProBowl and SoBe and glad I did it, but don’t think I’ll be back to that area again unless there is a reason to, as it seemed to be enough on this trip for me.  Being on vacation was good, but glad to crash my head back on my pillow in my own bed!!

September 13, 2009

NFL Season begins

I just got back from the first game of 2009 for the Houston Texans.  I got season tix this year with my buddy Joe Buffa aka Bubba.  🙂

They lost horribly to the Jets and rookie QB Mark Sanchez from USC(great school!)  27-7 was the final.  Tough loss, but glad to see football season has started.  Look forward to many more fun games in the future.  Let’s hope the Texans do better after this disappointing loss.


September 28, 2008


I am loving that the NFL’s Football season is in full swing.  I have to say that living in Houston, watching the Houston Texans NFL football is pretty painful!!  Unfortunately, my home town in L.A. doesn’t even have a professional football, which is incredible being that it is one of the biggest markets in the states.

Let’s hope the Houston Texans can win a game sometime soon or even this season?!?!?!

September 21, 2008

good things

I was watching football today and noticed that in a commercial that David Garrard(QB for Jacksonville Jaguars) was speaking about Crohn’s disease.  He stated that he had the disease and that every time he scores this season, donations will be made to help fight the disease here.  I didn’t know he has Crohn’s, like I do and that really hit me.  What a great spoke person for the disease and for David to do good for something that has plagued him in his life, as it has mine. 

Let’s use our sicknesses, ailments, issues, diseases and problems to do good for our world and help to improve it!

September 7, 2008

new football season

This is the first Sunday for the new NFL Season.  I am so excited and loving every minute watching all the games today.  Going to church and then grabbing some lunch and then heading home to watch the tube and see all the wonderful games of football on is such a great tradition and I am enjoying it all.  I hope you enjoy football too and even the college games are fun as well to watch.  Here’s to the new 2008 season and the countdown to February 1st(The Superbowl).

June 17, 2008

sports and religion

Sports and religion have always been uneasy bedfellows. Religion loves to borrow from sports, especially as fodder for sermons (“There is no waaaa-aaay that Jeeee-sus could ever be stopped short of the goal line!”); and sport loves to borrow from religion (The Hail Mary, The Holy Roller, Kamir Gbaja-Biamilia’s frequent references to God during his Pro Bowl interview, to name just three examples).

In real life, however, the mix is often problematic, if not disastrous. Consider, for example, the recent adventures of Kurt Warner, who apparently said, in a speech to a Baptist group, that he lost his starting job as the St. Louis Rams quarterback because of his faith — and now, because of those comments, may soon find himself a former Ram. (After a public scolding by coach Mike Martz, Warner backed off a bit from his claims, but the Baptist group apparently has his comments on tape.)

In the first of a two-part Writers’ Bloc, Robert Lipstye looks at the Warner controversy and considers the long and often sordid history of the relationship between sports and religion. Wednesday, the rest of the WB will reflect on the proper place of religion in sports, if any.

Sports, God & Religion | From Robert Lipsyte

So who do you really want on your team, a born-again Christian who’d rather read the Bible than the playbook, who thinks God is even bigger than Coach, or a psycho on parole who knows that if he doesn’t give up his body for you, he’ll be giving it up to the Offense in a cellblock at Oz?

This is not a trick question to cap your credit rating. There’s a real debate going on.

“I think God wants you to be a winner in life, and that spills over into athletics,” the Rev. Jerry Falwell told me a few years ago. “If kicking butts is part of it, that’s part of it. Jesus was no sissy. If he played football, you’d be slow getting up after he tackled you.”

Falwell’s version of muscular Christianity is part of the traditional American pep talk from a God who can be celebrated with material success, whether it’s selling cars or scoring touchdowns. If you say you believe and then you win, God must have been on your side. If you lose, maybe your faith wasn’t strong enough. Try harder.


Piety often does seem like just another performance enhancer, like bio-feedback, speed, steroids, fear, Wild Turkey. ”




On the other hand, Rush Limbaugh said recently that NFL owners have told him that players come out of rehab less competitive, because they have turned their life over to a higher power that isn’t wearing a whistle. This is the customary cant of people who are afraid, or at least suspicious, of active religion in sports. They twist serenity into a negative; those who accept Jesus, they say, will accept defeat as God’s will. They won’t worry about it.

Limbaugh, who used to be a sportscaster, was weighing in on Kurt Warner’s declaration, made at a Baptist meeting, that the St. Louis Rams coaching staff had benched him because of his religious beliefs. Responding to coach Mike Martz’s outrage, Warner backed off some, although the Baptists who recorded the speech did not.

This is not a new controversy. Because church and team both demand devotion, loyalty and trust, coaches have always been wary of the so-called God Squadders. Back in the ’80s, when locker rooms were often split between guys who went off to pray and guys who went off to party, managers and coaches would wonder, sotto voce, to sportswriters if the born-agains were “softer” than the druggies.

Even before that, the Yankees, who always carried their share of borderline alcoholics and numbnut whoremongers, sent private detectives to follow innocent second baseman Bobby Richardson to his YMCA ping-pong matches. The story was always told as a joke, but the truth was no joke — management was simply not comfortable with a player who was sober and reliable but contracted to a higher authority.

One of Our Era’s most relentlessly religious coaches, Joe Gibbs, seems to have gotten along very well with two of Our Era’s most free-spirited yet driven athletes, John Riggins and Tony Stewart. How could that be? They knew Joe was the Word?

In Warner’s case, the old charge of softness is laughable. As Jeff Gordon pointed out in a shrewd St. Louis Post-Dispatch online column, “God’s plan” for Warner “demands that he battle his guts out,” and his “ferocious drive has actually wounded his career,” because he so often plays hurt. Could coach Martz have been resentful of the way Warner often took control? Was Martz jealous of the He in the headset?

Religious experience is so varied, it’s hardly fair to stuff all publicly pious players into the same revival tent. Kurt Warner has said that he wants to do well so he can use his fame as a platform for God’s message. Reggie White, Green Bay’s Minister of Defense, has performed most aggressively on that platform, using it to attack gay marriages. Many athletes quietly pray not to make fools of themselves or inflict unnecessary harm. Others loudly thank Jesus only after they’ve won.

Stock car racers who have been raised evangelical Christians are suspicious of those expressive baseball and football players who they say are praying to “trinket Gods, false Gods,” merely to bring them better luck.

Piety often does seem like just another performance enhancer, like bio-feedback, speed, steroids, fear, Wild Turkey, which seems sensible to me. Winners find the edge wherever they can. My old friend, Professor William J. Baker of the University of Maine, the leading expert on religion in sports (he was the Passing Preacher as a quarterback at Furman) makes the case for evangelical Christianity as a reinforcement for sports.

“Both are win-loss mentalities,” he says. “In evangelical Christianity you are either saved or lost. You’ve gone to heaven or you’ve gone to hell, you win or you lose, and that’s what sport is all about.”

I’ve almost always found that the ostentatiously religious athletes tended to be nicer, if not always more fun, than the party animals. More than once, I’ve found myself asking them how they could both pray and hit so hard; invariably, they explained that God wanted them to do their best on the field. Some of them seemed to have really narrow, even frightened, attitudes toward women, particularly women reporters in the locker room. Others, like Steve Garvey, went out of their way to make sure women got the interviews they needed. Of course, Garvey liked women, which is less common than you might think in the bigs.

And then, of course, so many of the God Squadders turned out to be hypocrites, moaning in the chapel before the game, moaning in the lap-dance club afterward. I know I should be able to crank up some righteousness over that, but I just can’t, being something of a fan of victimless hypocrisies. At least hypocrites know what’s right, even if they can’t execute. And compared with the stats on jock rape and domestic abuse, hanging with hookers (so long as you pay afterward, Johnnies) seems downright responsible.

I guess I’m on God’s side.

January 31, 2008


A full season’s worth of football and it comes down to 1 game.  The Superbowl.  The XLII in English means 42.  Just in case you were curious  🙂

So, I’m not a big fan of either team really.  Boston vs. NY.  Brady vs. the ‘other’ Manning brother.  Lot’s of Superbowl hype to go around, but I’m not that excited about the game too much.  I hope it’s a good one and close, but I don’t really want to see New England go 18-0/undefeated, personally.  How about you?

Looking forward to some cool commercials more this year, since my heart isn’t behind either team.   An estimated $2.7 million for a 30-second commercial slot…WOW!!!  The commercials better be real good!

Too bad the season is ‘almost’ over  😦

November 20, 2007

more football

Well, it’s getting closer to the end of the fantasy football season and I’m doing good in 2 of my leagues and bad in 1 of them.  Yes, I play in 3 FF leagues.  That’s because I love the game so much!  Anyway,  injuries have plagued most teams this year in the NFL and have hurt my teams as well.  See, you pick individual players to place on your team and expect them to do better than your opponent by the amount of times they get yardage either by throwing, catching or running the pigskin.  Both teams go head to head in a typical season for about 13-15 weeks of the regular football season.  Then come the playoffs in FF.  Only the best teams of the year can get in and that means that if your team sucked all year, your out in the cold and left to wonder “If only I had played this guy that one week than this other guy, I would be playing in the playoffs” 

I know I’m boring the ladies out there reading this, but hey, it’s a guy thang, so go to my next posting if your bored 🙂

Well, were in week 12 this coming weekend and I’m almost there in the playoffs and ready to kick some booty.  let’s hope that I keep winning and not get left in the cold.

November 20, 2007

favorite holiday

2 days from Thanksgiving and I’m getting excited about eating some serious Turkey and all the fix-ins that go along with it!  I have been wondering what is my favorite holiday all year and I do have to say that Thanksgiving is moving up the list fast.  There are several reasons for this and I’ll name them. 

First, the food is Always good and there is plenty of it.  Then there is the left-overs, that if your fortunate enough to either snag from your relatives or do the cooking yourself at home, you get to enjoy.  Forget about the amount of food you eat, because it doesn’t count on this day.  It’s like a buddy said about going on vacation, “Put your credit card on stun and enjoy it”  Well, that’s how it should be with food on this day.  Put your belly on ‘stun’ and enjoy yourself.  Make it the next day that you will workout.  But for This day, ‘stun’ is fine with me.

 Second, FOOTBALL, hello!!!   There are 2 NFL games played this day, back-to-back.  Who doesn’t love eating Turkey and then watching a great game of football on the couch as your stuffing your face, HA!  I know I do!

Lastly, there’s the whole fact that you don’t have to work.  That’s always a good reason to be happy on this day.  No one is open, everyone is closed and your at home, eating, relaxing and enjoying football. 

Is there anymore reason to not like this great holiday we call Thanksgiving???  Enjoy it and count ALL your blessings.