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July 11, 2013

If it feels good…

This term or adage “If it feels good” or “To each his own” is NOT OK in my book. Let’s break it down as to what we are really saying when we use those terms. The looseness of how we use these terms is rampant as well, which should give pause to all of us.

So, to go to extremes here, for example, If it feels good to like underage boys and/or girls, then hey To each his own? Really? Isn’t that pedophilia? Or I like to snort cocaine, so To each his own? Really? Or they curse too much or killing people or degrading another race. All that is OK, because when you say those terms, that is really what you are condoning. You are condoning anything that is different and not necessarily what you would do, but it’s still OK in your book, because hey, It feels good to them, so it must be right. I think not!

We are saying that we don’t really care what others say or do or how they act when we say those terms essentially. Until, it treads on you or intrudes on your way of life, then it may become a problem or issue for you. Then you no longer agree with that term, because it is against what you think or believe or affects you.

We all have experiences and ideas and bias to rely upon for decisions that we make and the choices. Just because you think the choice your making is Ok or feels good doesn’t mean that it’s right. There is a natural order of law and there is also man’s law, with penalties for poor choices that we as humans can and do make.

I don’t use or say those terms, because I think there is a better way. A higher way. I believe this and I understand it may be different from what you believe, but I’m not saying to each his own. I’m saying that there is a God who loves you and wants something better for you. That the chains of sin and burden can be broken in your life. That your thoughts on what is OK, may not be OK. There is cause and effect. You smoke cigarettes for years and years and your chances of dying from lung cancer are pretty high. You murder someone because your mad at them for something they said to you, you’re going to jail. You have an adulteress relationship and your chances of getting a disease are pretty high(not to mention the fact tha you can die from AIDS) among other things.

Does the effects to the cause give you pause? Yes, but we do them anyway don’t we? Yeah, its human nature, but regardless it’s a sin and enslaves us to bondage. It makes us a slave to sin. Jesus said love your neighbor and love God. If you follow these 2 commands, that all things in life will fall in line for the good. Apply these 2 commands to any situation you can think of and you will find that it fits and would help you choose a better way.

I say, love. I say, I understand you do these things and I don’t agree with them and I will pray for you. I won’t say, To each his own or If it feels good do it, I will say, I hope you see there is a better way, but understand that you may not choose this way and I love you anyway, with a Christlike love.

I think you would be naive to think there isn’t a judgement when we die and a God who says I love you, please know that there is a better way. This whole – if it feels good junk – is a joke and even if you think you can rationalize it(like most of us easily can do), again, doesn’t mean that it’s OK.

I say, there is a better way and boy does it feel good!