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November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving that I haven’t enjoyed in years with my wonderful family in California.  It was a real nice trip and Heather got to meet my family out there finally.  She now has met all of my immediate family and they all loved her as I knew they would.  Looking forward to a great Christmas to finish out the year and then on to a fabulous 2011 around the corner.

I must say that I have much to be thankful for regardless of my own situation. I am thankful for so many wonderful people in my life and of course my salvation that is found in Christ only!

Hope your Thanksgiving was as blessed as mine!

May 25, 2010

My last name

Pretty cool.  I was looking up information about the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and found my last name referenced. To that end, I clicked on the link in wiki and found this about my last name and felt pretty proud! 😀

Sharīf (Arabic: شريف‎ /šarīf/) or Chérif is a traditional Arab tribal title given to those who serve as the protector of the tribe and all tribal assets, such as property, wells, and land. In origin, the word is an adjective meaning “noble”, “highborn”. The feminine singular is sharifa(h) (شريفه /šarīfa/). The masculine plural is Ashraf (اشراف /ašrāf/).

Primarily Sunnis in the Arab world reserve the term sharif for descendants of Hasan ibn Ali, while sayyid is used for descendants of Husayn ibn Ali. Both Hasan and Husayn are grandchildren of Prophet Muhammad, through the marriage of his cousin Ali and his daughter Fatima. However ever since the post-Hashemite era began, the term sayyid has been used to denote descendants from both Hasan and Husayn. Arab Shiites use the terms sayyid and habib to denote descendants from both Hasan and Husayn; see also ashraf.

From 1201 until the Hejaz was conquered by Ibn Saud in 1925, this family held the office of the Sharīf of Makkah, often also carrying the title and office of King of Hejaz. Descendants now rule the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the name being taken from the Banu Hashim, the sub-tribe of Banu Quraish, to which Prophet Muhammad belonged.

The word has no etymological connection with the English term sheriff, which comes from the Old English word scīrgerefa, meaning “shire-reeve,” the local reeve (enforcement agent) of the king in the shire (county).

Sharif, however, is the Arabic/Persian word for “honorable”.

April 1, 2010

Going back to Cali

I’m heading back to California today, to see my family.  Looking forward to this trip as well.  The funny thing is, the main reason I’m going, is for my(Karen) step-mom’s wedding.  I know, step-mom you say.  Well, long story short, I love her to death and she practically raised me as well.  Yes, her and my dad aren’t married anymore, but that doesn’t matter to me as she will always be my family.  So, she’s marrying her boyfriend/fiance of 12 or so years.  I’m very happy for her and excited for the wedding as well.  Weddings are always fun, aren’t they?  His name is Kevin and the location is on a ship off of Long Beach Harbor.  Not sure the full details of it all, but looking forward to it nonetheless.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend as well!!

July 1, 2009


Just got back from a fabulous trip in California with my family.  I really enjoyed the time.  I got to see my uncle Jessie, whom I haven’t seen in 10+ years.  He looked good too!  I saw his son MO(Hamoudi) whom I haven’t seen since he was like 3 or 4, and now he’s 18 and in college, crazy!  I also met his other son, whom I didn’t even know, Omar.

The weather was great, the beach was Awesome and now I’m back from vacation and at work and wishing I was still on vacation. 

Saw some close friends and hung out and that was real nice too!!

Work to Live is my motto, not vice versa!!

March 31, 2009

thank you LORD

For my job, for my family, for my friends, for the roof over my head, for the clothes on my back, for allowing me to breathe the next breath, for all of my extremities, for your grace, love and mercy, for my salvationthat is found ONLY in your son JESUS, for your bible that you have revealed to us and given us, for my church family, for your abundant blessings, for the crazy times, for the good times, for the bad times, THANK YOU LORD!

March 9, 2009

my trip

I just got back from a fabulous trip in California.  I had too much fun with my pops, my bro and the rest of my family and friends!  I saw some cousins and my 2 Aunts, Ghassana and Najah, whom I haven’t seen in 12+ years.  I missed them soo much and it was so great to see them and spend some really good quality time with them.  I also my some of the best arabic food in the entire world that my aunt Najah cooks.  She is soo good that she should open her own arabic restaurant…it’s that good.  She asked me what I wanted for dinner when I got there on Thursday and I told her, of course, it’s grape leaves.  NO ONE can make them as good or like how she does them, MAD DELICIOUS!!

I am silver elite on Continental and I got upgraded for FREE, to First Class.  That was WAYYY sweet!!  I have been in first class seating before, but it’s always nice to be there and get waited on and feel very comfortable for a few hours flying.

Anyway, I just got back in tonight and I’m extremely tired, but I must wash some clothes and order things up cuz I’m a neat and clean freak like that.

I love California, my original home!

Good Night!

January 14, 2009

for my friends ‘n familia

I was advised recently to keep blogging.  At least to keep up daily blog’s is what I think was inferred.  My question to y’all is…do you blog too??  And if so, what is your blog so I can read it as well!

I love to blog anyway and it seems to come natural for me.  I like to think about what I’m going to say or topics or points that I would like to bring up whilst having meaningless conversations with others.  Doh..did I say that out loud?  jk.

Some days seem to be harder than others while going through a divorce.  Some days seem easier too.  Talking with friends and family about my situation helps me tremendously and I thank all of you for that.  I realize that vocalizing my issues better help me cope with them.  Do they for you too?  I am not that kind of person to hold things in forever and then throw up on a person with a million words all at one time.  I’m more like continuous and steady.  I find it as stress relief to talk out loud my issues rather than hold them in, capeche?

It takes 60 days as a mandatory waiting period before you can complete a divorce, at least in the state of Texas.  I know it’s different in other states as well, but it’s 60 here.  Then afterwards you can go forward with formalities as long as both parties are in agreeance.  Little things that you never think of like this after you get married.  Life is wonderful and full of Love and Joy after you get married.  Then the daily grind hits, trust erodes and then you find yourself in a marriage that has died after 10 years.  WOW…how depressing!

Don’t want to bring anyone down with this post, but I have to share my feelings, raw. 

Amazingly, going through this, I have found as I’m sharing my story, that people are dealing with issues and troubles as well.  It’s ironic how, when your going through stuff in life, you feel isolated or that no one else is going through things, but it’s not true.  Everyone is dealing with issues all the time, everyday.   Not just me!  Tony Evans, Pastor in Dallas, said “We are either entering a storm, in the middle of a storm or coming out of a storm in life”  How true that is, isn’t it?  No matter what’s going on in your life you find yourself in 1 of the 3 places that he states.  I am glad that as I’m opening up with folks, that they are opening up with me as well. 

As a Christian, you feel this obligation to live a perfect life.  You feel like if you do something bad or wrong or say something not too P.C., that your going to be looked down or frowned upon and it’s true.  I really feel bad mostly about how I have a failed marriage.  How others perceive that is hard too.  But, through this, I have found loving folks that are being helpful mostly and praying for me, which I’m thankful for.  I do know though, that there will be those that will alienate me because of this, I hope not, but that is life I think and that’s how the cookie crumbles.  That’s human nature and be it as it may, no one is perfect, including me!

January 5, 2009

back to work today

Back to work today after 2 weeks off.  Wow, how 2 weeks fly by huh?  I enjoyed the time off for sure, but isn’t it so human of us that we still want more time off?  I know I do!  If your reading this and haven’t had much time off, if at all, then your not sympathizing with me, understandable.  But, if you were off like me, then you understand my viewpoint.  This has been my longest time off in over 10+ years, so I deserve it, just a bit I think. 

I spent plenty of time with family and friends and relaxed and watched a bunch of movies.  My brother came in from LA and we hung out together for a week from Friday to Friday, had lots of fun together too!  I rested all day yesterday in preparation for knowing I had to be back for today and I wanted to be ready for it.

So, the Motto for ’09 is “Looking fine in ’09” or  “All will be fine in ’09”  Choose one and love it!  🙂

Let’s hope for a positive and blessed year, whatever it may bring for you and me!  Look to the Mountaintops!