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September 27, 2010

The ‘real’ Fall quickly approaching

Walking out of my door headed to work today, was an unexpected weather change.  I noticed a very nice, cool & crisp morning that greeted me.  Very unexpected this early in the Fall for Houston.  Although I was happy to feel a nice change in weather, I look back upon this past Summer with wonderful memories of fun and warmth in the sun. 

May God Bless this Fall for all of us, is my prayer!

Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith – Hebrews 10:22

August 5, 2010


“Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands…and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.”  Exodus 17:12

I do believe in strength in numbers.  Scripture discusses how 2 cords are easily broken, but 3 can withstand much.  So it was with Moses.  Aaron and Hur helped hold Moses’ arms up when he was in need.  As we do, when we are in need.  We need friends to help us.  This world is not meant to live in a bubble.  It’s meant to live in the world, but not to be of it.  We need to influence our world in a positive light and when we fall and need help, that’s when our friends are there to help us out.

Thank You to all my Awesome and Wonderful friends out there who have helped me out when I have needed you. I have had a rough few years and I know that without you wonderful friends of mine, I would be in a real tough place.

‘Thank you Father for wonderful friends in my life and in our lives, who make life worth living. Amen.’