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June 21, 2016


This Benediction has blessed me sincerely and I think about it often through the week. My Pastor states it at the end of every service and it comes from scripture(which is best!).

I wanted to define this term first for you out there who are not familiar. There were 5 total, but these 2 below suit best.



an utterance of good wishes.

the form of blessing pronounced by an officiating minister, as at the close of divine service.
The scripture comes from the book of Jude which only has one chapter. Verses 24-25:
24 Now to the one who is able to keep you from falling, and to cause you to stand, rejoicing, without blemish before his glorious presence, 25 to the only God our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, power, and authority, before all time, and now, and for all eternity. Amen.
Now isn’t that beautiful!  It fills me up with a Christ like love every time I hear it. May it be a true blessing to you as well as you ponder and meditate on these glorious words.
February 22, 2010


I wanted to post on the Tragedy of a misguided fellow that acted upon horrible thoughts that were in his head.  This is in regards to the guy who killed himself by crashing his plane into an office building that housed 20 different offices including 197 IRS agents.  Unfortunately, he did murder 1 IRS agent along with his own suicide, and I wished that it had only been him.

With that being said, you can read his manifesto or his final suicide note here.

I was extremely upset by the words that this man wrote and his reason(s) behind doing what he did.  You must read his note to understand my following points.  I think he was a sick, cynical and disturbed individual.  I would like to just base facts on my retort to his note, but can’t seem to strip my feelings from this one.  He was angry at the government we have in this country(USA) and the reasons our country does things that it has.  We can all relate to this, but to act out of violence and anger is no way to get your voice heard nor is it EVER an answer to anything.  From my Christian point of view, I look at the author and perfector of my faith, Jesus and upon His life and what He did while He was here on earth for 33 years and there is no violence in Him at all and even more, He never committed a single sin, He was perfect.  Given that, I know we are all not perfect, and that’s obvious, but to point out that He is whom I look to when I am seeking answers to hard questions and whom I need to emulate my life after. Thus, violence has no room or opening for that.

Further, this man complained on and on about how he has to keep working and how he is having to work longer because our government is doing this and doing that to him.  My point is BE THANKFUL you have a job, BE THANKFUL for everything you have.  As a matter of fact, you own a LUXURY item in a plane.  How much does that cost you to house that plane and to pay for gas, etc. etc.   You own your own home, you have a family, wife and children.  And all you can do is complain about how bad life is???  REally!!!  Sorry, you have no empathy or sympathy from me sir.  We are all given a hand to play with in this life and we must own that.  You should be thankful you were born in my humble opinion, the best country on planet earth.  You obviously have plenty of money to eat every day at any given time.  You own a home and a plane and multiple cars and your mad??  Give me a big fat break, PLEASE!!!!!!!!   There are people starving all over this world and in this country who don’t even know where the next meal is coming from, yet your upset about still having to work longer to retire?  There are people who are in their 70’s plus still working because they can’t even retire.  SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life isn’t fair or always right or perfect.  Who promised or said it was?  You must vote for people and for change.  You must make your opinions count and if politics is something that upsets you, turn the TV off and stop listening to talk radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sad to see that there are people like this who are very ungrateful for the countless blessings that are in their lives and all they have to do is complain, look at the bad side of all situations and resort to violence.  Sad indeed. 

I want to close with something bad to say about this guy that I never knew, but that’s not right.  I just wished that someone had reached out to him before he did this horrible act.  I pray this will never happen again and I pray that those with anger and pain and issues get the help they need and seek out God and understand how much He loves us and in the big picture of things, what really matters is where your spending eternity!!!!!!!!

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life – John 3:16

May 5, 2009

swine flu…really?

We must look at the facts before we make a judgement call on what is a epidemic, pandemic or endemic.  Is it the fact that it’s news worthy and a hot topic that the news channels have made this such a BIG story?  Are they Fear Mongering?  My thoughts, YES, DEFINITELY!

Facts:  1650 people will die TODAY, in the US ONLY, from Heart Disease.  Yesterday, 65 people died from regular flu and pneumonia and the day before that and the day before that….165 people will die today and everyday from automobile accidents.  Everyday 6,600 people die from something. 

17 people are confirmed dead from the swine flu since it’s outbreak.  Is that a cause for concern, based on the facts above?  I don’t think so.  Should we be careful and heed cleanliness as a good policy, yes, but that was taught to us as CHILDREN.  This should NOT be a revelation to any of us.  If it is, you have other issues to worry about. 

Concerns need to be addressed, I agree and so does this, but to make it such a grandiose issue and shut down borders and shut down planes, trains and automobiles and buses?  Come on now!  Let’s never leave our homes or travel abroad or even get in the car to do anything anymore, because look out, something could happen to you, you could die or you could witness Christ to someone.   How horrible?!?!?!?!   PUHLEASE!!!!!!!

I will not live in fear or let my life be guided by fear mongers or anyone else who uses scare tactics to suade me.  I believe when it’s your time to die, there is nothing you can do about it.  Tomorrow is not promised to ANYONE!  That’s why we need to live everyday to the fullest, love life and enjoy it.  Today is the day of salvation.  Let not your hearts be troubled, for God cares about you and tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own.  Live out your life and give it your best EVERYDAY and do not fear, for He has overcome this world.  This isn’t our home anyway people, we are aliens in a foreign land.  Eternity is far more important than some flu and fear. 

How many people out of the 6,600 people that died today are saved is the bigger question?  What are you and I doing about that?

July 18, 2008

in a land of milk and honey

What is your faith and hope and trust in?  Is it money or an inanimate object that money can purchase?  I, along with many of you, have found that in these times of financial trouble, are you finding yourself asking similar questions?  Your 401(k) is going down the tubes and your investments are doing the same.  Are you worried?  Where is your hope and faith and trust placed currently?  If you are bothered and concerned about our economy, ask yourself why?  If you worried that God won’t take care of you?  Are you worried that you will have no money and lose everything?  

I’m focused on God and the promises he makes to me.  That he will provide and bless as I continue to be faithful to Him and place my hope, trust and faith in Him, not monetary or inanimate objects.  I will continue to do that in the good and bad times, for where my treasure is there my heart will be also. 

I am focused on my heavenly dwelling and the eventual location of my eternity, not my temporary concerns and the short life that I will live here on earth.  I will enjoy this day as long as it is called today, but I’m not worried about dying or where my final resting place will be because I know in whom I hope and trust-Jesus and His promises to all of us…his children.

where is your eternity going to be spent?