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February 9, 2011

Love Language

My Fiance and I are studying the book 5 Love Languages.  It’s a really great book! The synopsis is this: Every one of us has a love language and we communicate that language everyday to everyone around us. This book will help you understand what you are communicating and what you’re saying.

This book is great for everyone, not just couples about to be married, but even married couples that have been together for years or even those of you who aren’t in relationships, but want to understand who you are as a person better.

There is a test you can find here:

The test above will ask you a few simple questions. Answer them as honestly as you can and then the results will be calculated and the answers will give you insight into who you are and what your love language is. It’s not good enough just to take the test though, I suggest you read the book as well. It’s an easy and quick read.

Many Blessings to you and yours!