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January 9, 2018

I dreamt of Jesus

For the first time ever, I had a dream last night and in it was Jesus. He visited me in my dreams. I knew it was him because I bowed before him and kissed his feet. He never said anything to me the whole time. Just sat with me and comforted me. He was in the physical form of a man, as he was 2000 years ago. I felt his love through my body and spirit. His presence was awing and comforting.

I’m not sure the gift of him visiting me in my dreams was, but am sure grateful to have had that experience. It was completely real, albeit a dream. I told my wife about it first thing when I awoke. We both smiled and thought of how cool it was to have experienced that.

Have you ever had Jesus visit you in a dream? Share your experience below.


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October 9, 2014

My Sanctuary

With recent events like ISIS and Ebola, along with the crazy headlines we see and hear daily. I find myself thinking about God in all this. Where is He and what is He doing. Bigger than that for me personally and bringing it home was my internal feelings and thoughts on all the scariness and the craziness and making sense of it all.

I did find that I couldn’t really make sense of all the madness, but what I did find outside of the fact that I had to ignore the madness, was taking myself to my inner chamber. That is where I spend time with God. That is where I find comfort and peace and joy that only I find in my Abba Father. See, what I realized was, that I don’t have a lot of control on the world around me, but what I can do is spend time meditating with God and praying to Him. On my knees in my closet, that is where I am most safe and comfortable and find myself going when I don’t know what to think about the world around me and the uncertainty.

God is my Rock and my Shield. God gives me the strength to press forward and fight the good fight despite what is going on, and there is a lot of good that is happening around me also. My friendships are being strengthened, my wife and daughter are strong and healthy. My job is great. Spiritually I find myself growing daily and am happy with where my walk is with God almighty. However, I am not complacent and know that daily I need to stay grounded and focused on my Lord and then go into the world and give and bless.

I have noticed the devil’s attacks more visibly as of late. I think that’s because of my closeness with God. That’s OKAY. Recognizing it is vital and since I have been able to recognize it, I have been able to battle it. No one is going to steal my JOY! I keep my eyes on God and however momentary my eyes wonder below, I keep reminding myself that God is for me, He is my refuge and strength.

Eternal Blessings upon you and yours.

January 26, 2011


After I strayed,
   I repented;
after I came to understand,
   I beat my breast.
I was ashamed and humiliated
   because I bore the disgrace of my youth – Jeremiah 31:19

After reading my daily devotional today in the Upper Room book, I came across this verse.  It really hit me because it reminded me of when I was younger, especially in my 20’s, when I made a lot of bad and stupid decisions.  Some of the decisions I made then still haunt me to this day.  I wish I had better guidance from people who were around me then, including family, but then again I ask myself would I be where I am today…

I must believe that I am where I am supposed to be, but at the same time this verse reminds me that we all have made stupid decisions in our youth and this is a reminder that it’s true.  It’s a comforting feeling knowing that I’m not all alone in this as well.  I know you readers out there have made some bad decisions as well.

For me, most importantly, is that I know I’m saved and forgiven of those past sins and as a matter of fact, Jesus died for past, present and future sins I commit. I find that the very most comforting feeling & thought overall.

Thank you Jesus, that regardless of our sins, you died for us once and for all. Thank you for forgiveness and your blood that was shed that gave us that cleansing. In your precious name. Amen.

March 12, 2009

life after death

I was reading a news feed just now about an owner of a big clothing line that was killed in a car crash early this am driving his Ferrari.  It saddened me because I was thinking about him and how he had all the money in the world and had hopes and dreams and other aspirations and many long years to still live. 

I then thought about what really counts in life.  Is it money, riches, fame, power that we all seek?  In a recession time that we’re in, people losing their jobs and even their minds during this tough time.  What really matters/counts?  Is it having a good job?  Is it avoiding unemployment?  Is it paying your bills and having a nice 3 months of savings put away for a rainy day?  What is it that matters/counts?  Is it having a happy love life, a healthy and happy marriage?  Being filled up with what this world has to offer?  Why is it that I find myself wanting the best of every world??  Is it my humanity that makes me feel this way?  That I urge to be comfortable in every facet of my life?  Life perplexes me because I think about life, how we’re here on earth for such a short time compared to the breadth of history.  I look in the mirror and see an older me.  I realize that life is short.  I begin to think about what do I want to accomplish in life before I die. 

I lye awake at night thinking more and more these days.  I find myself having sleep apnea because of my many thoughts.  I guess I am very introspective today and need to write my feelings and thoughts down as the story I read really hit my heart. 

I wonder when my time is up and where I will be when that happens.  Life is so finite.  To be so bold and arrogant as to not think of there being any higher power outside of man is ridiculous in my humble opinion.  To think that something exploded into such beauty is preposterous. 

To know that there is a living God and a son that paid the ultimate price for ME & YOU gives me hope that there is life after death.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

December 16, 2008

Psalm 23

Is one of my favorite Psalms.  It gives me joy, comfort and strength in times of need.  Read it and memorize it if you can.  I have and I try to mix that Psalm up with the Lord’s prayer when I go to sleep every evening. 

“He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies”    That’s powerful!  To think that God will do this for you, gives me comfort in times of trials and attacks.

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures”  This gives me joy, because I know He will give me rest when I need it the most.

“Yea though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear NO evil, for YOU are with me”  This is my strength part.  He’s there to support me and guide me.

Memorize this Psalm, as it will give you what it has given me for many years now-comfort, joy and strength.