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February 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday

This day, always a Wednesday, begins the Pentecost period for the Church. 50 days until Resurrection Sunday. Ironically, this Lenten season begins & ends on another holiday, Valentine’s Day in the USA. It also, funny enough, ends on Sunday, April 1st, April Fool’s Day.

This period of the Christian year is also considered the birth of the Church. The Holy Spirit era of the Church, where in Acts 2(Acts of the Apostles), the Holy Spirit descends upon them in the Upper Room. This is also predicted by Jesus himself, in John 16:7,13.

It’s imperative that we as believers, not only know the Bible, but understand Church history. What does the bible say and why it says it.  Where to go in the bible to get the correct information. We are to be prepared to give an account for the Hope that is in us as 1 Peter 3:15 states. If we are ignorant to what these beautiful Christian holidays are, so will we be left without a true witness for Christ when non-believers ask us why these holidays are in place.

I think this is a very non-intrusive way to share the Gospel with a world in desperate need of a savior. Annual holidays that are Christian based. Share the history, know your history, give others the gospel!

1 Corinthians 15, is the best way to share the Gospel(good news of Jesus) to this dying world. Read it, know it, share it, & burn it upon your heart and mind. This is your GO TO chapter!


September 17, 2013

The Baptist Church

So this past summer my wife and I took some time off from our regular church to visit another church as we typically do every summer. What happened next was pretty wild.

We visited this church in NW Houston and enjoyed going the first time. We decided to go back again the following Sunday and really enjoyed it again. We even got invited to a SS Class by a wonderful couple and enjoyed that class as well. What we noticed after leaving the parking lot that second visit, was on their church program, there was a small inscription below the grand name of the Church that stated it was a Baptist Church. We were surprised at noticing this since we didn’t see your typical loud sort of dancing in the aisles type of folks. At least that’s what I think of when I think of typical Baptist Churches. Anyway, we didn’t really make a big deal out of it, since the Church had great preaching and the worship time was excellent as well. We continued to go to this church for the rest of the summer and really felt a calling to join this Church and leave our old Church. We felt that we were being called to another Church and that this Church would fit that bill.

Well, after inquiring from a couple of members of the Church about membership, they told me to discuss membership with one of the associate pastors. So I did. I met with him at lunch one day and asked him about what it takes to join their Baptist Church. He told me everything I knew and expected except one very big difference and that was Baptism. I told him I had not been ‘dunked’ AKA ‘Fully Immersed’ Baptism, but more like sprinkled Baptism. We agreed that after this point, he would go back to the Head Pastor and that they would discuss this topic with the Board of Deacons at their Church. I said great, let me know what they say please and we left it at that.

Several weeks later, the associate pastor sends me a short email and says let’s meet. I agreed to do so and we met this past Wednesday. He told me that the board of Deacons had met and had a short 2 points and that was the end of that conversation on that topic. They said point 1) They couldn’t meet with every family individual that wanted to join their Church and find out about who was or wasn’t Baptised or fully immersed and 2) That it’s the Baptist Church and we are known for Baptism ‘dunking’ and that’s how we have always done it and that’s what makes us Baptist. Thus, my membership into their Church would have to be by ‘Full Immersion’ Baptism or else we couldn’t join their Church.

My immediate thoughts were sad and profound. I thought, man, Jesus Wept(John 11:35). Here we are in 2013 as one body of believers trying to make it in this crazy world and trying to reach out to a lost world that NEEDS Jesus and here you are pushing away a family that wants to join your church because of BAPTISM??? Not because I have never been baptized, but because of the ‘way’ I was baptized…WOW!

I was shocked and dismayed. I never knew that this was how the Baptist Church is. I never knew that regardless of your standing with ‘The Church’ and your standing in your community and your standing with God almighty, if you’re not Baptised by ‘FULL IMMERSION’ well you can’t join ‘our’ church.

I feel very sad for the Baptist Church as a whole today. I have had a little time to swallow what I have been told and it still doesn’t make me happy nor does it make me ever want to cross the doors of ANY Baptist Church EVER again, however I do know that those in that church will make it to Heaven because salvation isn’t predicated on baptism. Just sad to know that they alienate people when they stand on this ‘sand’ of ground. We are to be welcoming to those who want to accept Christ Jesus and not push away those who need to know about the Gospel and Good News of Jesus. For me, they are pushing away and hindering the body of Christ and not fulfilling the Great Commission. We need to do everything I believe, to bring those to Christ at any cost and then to find out that, well, you can’t join our church because you MUST be ‘Dunked’ by baptism to join. That’s complete hypocrisy to Christ teachings.

If the letter of the law was what the Pharisees and Sadducees were guilty of 2000 years ago, then so is the Baptist Church today. They state that because Jesus was Baptised in the Jordan river, then they must do so because of the same, by full immersion. Well, if that is true, then everyone better go to the Jordan River and get Baptised otherwise, per the letter of the law, any other place is unequal and thus should not be accepted!

My walk with Jesus has been over 15 years strong. I was at a Methodist Church, when I was baptized, not a Baptist Church. I was sprinkled with Holy Water and accepted Jesus that same day, 15 years ago on April 19, 1998. Are you stating that my salvation and baptism is null and void because I wasn’t ‘dunked’? I think not. I don’t think they believe that either, but if my baptism isn’t good enough on that day I was baptized, then what are they saying by making that stand?!?!

Thanks for the short time we were able to be a part of your church, but your ‘law’ you live by is flawed and must be changed. Because we ‘always have done it like that’ is not a justification for preventing people from being a healthy member of your congregation.

Sad to write this, Sad to believe this is true, Sad to know that there could have been a wonderful relationship that could have bloomed.

For final clarification, it would be easy to ask folks that want to join the Baptist church, that if they haven’t been baptized before, that they will be baptized by full immersion, but if they have been baptized, then they will accept that baptism. Simple in my opinion.

I will pray that God changes the Baptist Church’s stand on this.

August 11, 2010

I’m a hypocrite

“When I am weak, then am I strong” 2 Corinthians 12:10

I will admit it, I’M A HYPOCRITE!

There is a comfort in being open and honest with yourself and others.  I want to say that I’m not perfect and share this fact with the whole world.

I think that the Christian Church today needs to come forward along with me and say the same.  The reason I say this is because for so long the Church has sold itself as a ‘Holier than Thou’ attitude and that you need to come to Jesus and the Church after you have fixed yourself and all your ‘issues'(I have heard this from many people before).  That is NOT the case at all.  Jesus himself said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick…I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners” Matthew 9:12-13

So I say this in such a way that I want to admit my need for Jesus and if I was perfect, my need for Jesus wouldn’t be valid.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God” Romans 3:23

Be sure to stop and look at yourself and admit to yourself that you’re not perfect like I have and admit those sins to God Almighty, who is quick to forgive and love.

The false pretense of Christians thinking they are perfect or always right is wrong and I am here to be first and admit that.

That’s really what I wanted to say here today and hope that the unbeliever and non-Christian can see this and know that, hey, it’s OK that you’re not perfect, Jesus loves you just the way you are and how He made you!


June 16, 2009


I wanted to give love out to an excellent website:

They are doing the good work in the world that needs to be done and making strong and hard stances for God, Jesus and the Church.  Support these guys and listen to them and sign up for their newsletter, you will be truly blessed!

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April 20, 2009

the big question?

You know, I just read an article about how in the Miss USA pageant, a woman answers a question about her thoughts on gay marriage.  First of all, why is that question even being asked?  Why is the gay right and movement have to be center stage in a pageant?  Why is it that religion has no room in a pageant, but the far left insist on making gay rights a non-religious movement but a political one.  This puzzles me.  If you don’t want an answer to your question that is different than your views, beliefs or thoughts, DON’T ASK THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this young lady answers, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  The MC happens to be an openly gay man that has a blog as well.  Why is he asking this question?  Does he think everyone believes like him only?  Why is it wrong to say what you believe in anymore if it’s different than your view?  There is seriously something wrong when my thoughts and views are different than yours and it’s ‘wrong’! 

We all have rights to say and believe what we want, even if it’s different than yours and you know what, I agree with the woman’s answer.  Biblically speaking, it is wrong and I believe what the Bible says.  If you have a problem with that, take it up with God himself, because He said it NOT ME! 

We can all agree to disagree.  Even in the Church, we have differences in what we all believe, but the one thing that is NOT up for debate is that God is part of the Trinity-Three in one.  Jesus is the way and the truth and the life.  That is black and white and there is no gray area there, period.  Outside of that, we can see things differently, but believing in Jesus as God’s only son and that He is the way to Heaven is not optional or up for debate.

I have friends in the church that have turned from homosexuality and are married now to a woman and believe in Jesus.  No one is perfect and we all fall short of the glory of God, including myself.  I am not casting the first stone, and we all will be held accountable for what we do, say and live when we leave this earth.

April 7, 2009

dooms day?

I enjoy reading these and sharing them with y’all!


It’s The End! Never mind.

Go Back to What You were Doing.

Anxiety added to the chill of the winter of 999 AD as the new millennium drew near. Prophecies and superstition led to the widely held belief that the world was going to end on 1/1/1000.  As doomsday approached, the “end-time epidemic” broke out. That is when the usual course of everyday life detours into primal spiritual instincts.  Christian behavior back then is noteworthy.

Men began confessing their sins and infidelities. Churches were overflowing.
People began forgiving debts they were owed. Many inmates were freed from prison, yet some refused to leave desiring to remain and make amends for their crimes before the end. Enemies were reconciled. Stores gave away food, and many businesses refused to accept payment for their merchandise. (One might believe
that there had been a widespread outbreak of Christianity.)

Finally “the dreaded” night arrived. (Jesus was about to return!?!) On December 31st, 999 AD, a standing-room-only crowd gathered for mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, but no one stood, because everyone was on their knees! When the clock struck midnight, there was silence…………….then………….

……..sounds of men and women weeping and laughing in relief. (“We didn’t die!“) Husbands embraced their wives. Friends gave each other the “kiss of peace”.
The clock kept moving. The world didn’t end.

And then…and then…life soon returned to normal. Stores stopped giving away merchandise. Prisoners that had been set free, were hunted down and thrown back in jail. People remembered their debts and demanded re-payment. Reconciled relationships were reconsidered. And the churches emptied.

This “before and after” behavior says something we already know…
Almost everyone acts righteous, when they think they are about to die“. If so, then the normal state of most people is denial & unrighteousness. They are in denial about the fact that they are only a breath away from facing the Lord, and unrighteous because they aren’t doing “what they know is right” on a regular basis.

But acting like you are in right standing with the Lord, (“righteous”) doesn’t make you righteous. Righteousness comes from faith in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and is shown by obedience to Him. The Christians of 999 did not obey in faith, but from fear. Why were they afraid? Because on some level, they believed judgment awaited them. Otherwise they would have been facing the possible return of the Lord and the end of the world with a sense of divine peace.

(I John 4:17, 18) By this love is perfected in us that we may have confidence in the day of judgment, because as He is, so are we in this world. 18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment and the one who fears is not perfected in love.

The 999 AD story is a perfect example of what these two scriptures mean. When we come to know and believe the love the Father has for us, we will have perfect confidence and peace about Judgment Day. We only fear when we believe there is going to be punishment.

It is not the Lord’s will for us to base our relationship with Him on fear, doing what is right only because we fear we will be punished if we don’t. Rather, He desires that we fellowship with Him based on the knowledge of the great love He has for us, and that we do what is right (His will), because we love Him, and because those are the acts of His children, who we are!



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February 1, 2009


Today is the Lord’s day, Sunday.  I’m about to head out to church.  I love my church.  It is such a blessing to go to a church that really is so evident of the love of Christ and I’m grateful for that.  My spiritual life is being filled by the Lord there and the leadership and wealth of knowledge in it’s members are astounding.  I pray that you have a church that you love to go to like I do and if not, find one that will meet your needs.  I know Christ didn’t separate the church, but the fact is we all worship differently and are fed differently as well.  So, find a church that is God fearing and loving and preaches from the Bible and rejoice in it!


Be Blessed!

August 19, 2008

the power of prayer

This is a really funny joke, that can be indicative of some churches today, sadly:

In a small Texas town, (Mt. Vernon) Drummond’s bar began construction on a new building to increase their business.

With petitions and prayers, the local Baptist church started a campaign to block the bar from opening .

Work progressed right up until the week before opening, when lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground.

The church folks were rather smug in their outlook after that, until the bar owner sued the church on the grounds that the church was ultimately responsible for the demise of his building, either through direct or indirect actions or means.

The church vehemently denied all responsibility or any connection to the building’s demise in its reply to the court.

As the case made its way into court, the judge looked over the paperwork.


At the hearing he commented, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to decide this, but as it appears from the paperwork,

we have a bar owner who believes in the power of prayer, and an entire church congregation that does not.

Have a Wonderful Day!

August 4, 2008

men in church

Why is it that men are being outnumbered by women in our churches today?  We must be the spiritual head of our household gentlemen!  We must love our families and wives more and be the men God has called us to be.  Here is a great article to read on just this topic.

I would like to hear your thoughts and views on this subject matter?

June 13, 2008

emmaus gathering

Hey y’all, we are having our first Emmaus Gathering at our Church tonight at 6:30pm.  I am really excited about it because it’s the first one we have had in a long time at our church.  We’ll of course begin with the eating portion of the night, which is always a great ice breaker and gets people relaxed.  Then we’ll sing for a bit and then the announcements and then a testimony from our very own Rhonda Fronk(who is the next women’s walk Lay Director) and then some q&a for her and then finally, communion.  That’s typically how the gathering’s go and we like to keep things running well and not reinvent the wheel since it turns perfectly.

I would encourage you to get your church involved in Emmaus if it isn’t already and/or get some gathering’s going at your church as well.  The meal is a pot luck and that way it gets people involved and wanting to come as well.  We have a great website for the Houston Emmaus community and I would encourage you to check that site out as well.  If you have any question about Emmaus, please ask me and I will try to answer your question or get the answer for ya.

Have a Great weekend!