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July 22, 2012

Sophie Isabelle

Heather my beautiful wife and I had our first child together last thursday. She was born at 7:12pm on 7/19/12. She was 19.5″, 7.89 lbs.

No words can explain how much I love this child and how grateful I am to have been so blessed to have a life that includes such a loving wife and a daughter, a child I never thought I would have or experience being a father.

Praise Jesus is all I can say really right now. Most of my future blogs will be focused around this love child that’s for sure.

God is TOO good!

September 23, 2011

My Wedding 9-10-11

So my brother Barek, my almost brother-in-law Grant, and myself stayed at my great friend Tony’s house on Friday night and woke up Saturday September 10th, the day of my wedding there.  We ate a hearty breakfast that was prepared by Tony himself.  Then I worked out a bit at Tony’s house to be freshly prepared for the days festivities.  We then went to Niko Niko’s for lunch(in case you have never eaten there, it’s a delicious Greek cuisine restaurant) and we all ate the Gyro plate–YUM!!  My dad and Kevin(Karen’s husband) met us there, along with all my groomsmen.  We had a great time eating and chatting about life and the wedding that was impending.

We then went back to Tony’s house and I took a little nap whilst watching the college football game.  Very relaxing.  We then got up and got ready and put our Tuxedo’s on and drove off to the Church to be there at 4:30pm.

Once we got there, we went to the Bell Choir room and set up in there.  Low-carb monster drinks were there along with fig newtons to snack on.  Kevin, my brother arrived along with cute little Jacob(my nephew-who was also the ring bearer) and then we went to take pictures outside where it was a paltry 95 degrees!!

Heather and I exchanged gifts outside her dressing room without looking at each other. It was real neat.  I got her a beautiful necklace and earrings from Swarovski that we had picked out months before and she got me a steel necklace that is real cool!

I walked in at the appropriate time after both our mothers lit the unity candles and waited for my bride to come down the aisle.  When she did, my heart fluttered and my eyes began to well up with tears of joy and happiness.  I was so excited that this day had finally come and that I am able to marry the TRUE love of my life, Heather Allison!

We exchanged personal vows with each other, that no one really heard, because we didn’t want to mic up and they were very special and we both went back and forth tearing up, it was joyous.

We said our ‘I Wills’ and kissed and walked down the glorious aisle of marriage where 9 months previous I had proposed to her.  We took pictures with family afterwards and then headed to the country club to join in the celebration of our marriage.

Chicken dinner was fabulous and the drinks were flowing.  We had everyone there that we wanted to be there, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings and wonderful friends–exactly how we wanted it.  No drama happened that whole night, just a lot of dancing and more tears of joy and smiles everywhere.

We left late that night to an air of sparklers that lit the walkway to our limousine ride that sent us off to our hotel for the night.

Love is grand and so is my new, beautiful wife.  The Real love of my life.

Thank you Lord for giving me someone so special that is a gift of your grace to me.

July 21, 2011


I am Blessed

Truly, Truly Blessed

For there is no one to thank

But God Himself!


March 18, 2011

The Blessing is around the corner

I wanted to share this with you. It’s from a guy named Vance Letbetter and he sends these daily devotionals everyday. I think you should sign up for it here and get blessed like I am being blessed.

Today’s Scripture

Then he said, “Throw out your net on the right-hand side of the boat,
and you’ll get plenty of fish!” So they did, and they couldn’t draw in
the net because there were so many fish in it. John 21:6 NLT

Today’s Thought

This is another scripture that shows Jesus impacting the disciple’s
livelihood and well being. Shortly after the crucifixion, Jesus makes
several appearances to the disciples to prove that He had truly risen
from the grave and to give them hope. When Jesus first met the
disciples in Luke chapter 5 He gave them instruction after fishing all
night to go out again after catching nothing and fish deeper. When
they obeyed Him they caught so many fish that they decided to follow
Him and become disciples. They learned that day to listen to Jesus,
not to give up before the blessing and that Jesus is about abundance.
Now on this day three and a half years later Jesus continues to prove
that He is a faithful God of abundance and cares for all our needs.
Remember that just a few days prior to this day the disciples saw all
their dreams and hope seemingly die on the cross. Again they were
ready to give up. It is at that time that Jesus makes an appearance
and proves that He is who He says He is. Now once again the disciples
had been fishing all night and had nothing to show for it. No money to
pay the bills or feed the family. Jesus makes an appearance and
instructs them to fish on the other side of the boat. They obey not
knowing who He was! Perhaps the Holy Spirit on the inside told them to
trust and obey. When they raised the net it was so full again they
needed help getting it in. But it wasn’t until that moment when
their needs were met that they realized it had to be the Lord. Today
you need to know that Jesus cares about your needs and that He is a
God of abundance. He is ready to fill your nets ! Even if you have
been fishing all night and have come up empty handed you need to know
not to give up. Jesus is about to make an appearance. Like the
disciples they recognized that it was Jesus that helped them with
their financial needs, livelihood, peace and joy afterwards they
couldn’t wait to thank him and give Him praise.

Today’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, I give you honor and glory for being a faithful and
abundant God. I ask that You show me how not to give up right before
the blessing. Lord Jesus I declare Your word over my life and help me
to totally trust in You in every area of my life today and always. In
Jesus’ Name. Amen.

November 16, 2009

On the Rock

On the Rock do I stand firm…

On the Rock am I stable…

On the Rock I can do all things…

On the Rock do I have my faith…

On the Rock am I blessed in good measure…

On the Rock are all my needs provided for…

On the Rock do I put my hope & trust…

On the Rock of salvation…

On the Rock of my Abba Father!


July 14, 2009

time flies

18,000 hits, 350 posts and I figure I’m doing well to be on this path of blogging.  I can’t believe how time flies when your blogging, it seems like just yesterday that I started doing this.  I have talked about my life and personal things I have been dealing with and about my faith in Jesus. 

What’s important to me is to know that my life is not so interesting as to keep my audience captivated by my life as much as it is to speak about my faith and how more important that is than my life.  My life is short, but GOD and faith are everlasting.  I hope that you have been blessed in some way by what I have posted and I appreciate all your words of encouragement and your thoughts and views on my different posts as well.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O God.

August 8, 2008


In Joshua 24:14-15 the word ‘Serve’ is stated 5 times.  If we know anything about scripture, we know that when there is a word or term that is expressed over and over, that it’s important and there is a theme going on.  We understand that in these 2 verses the word and theme here is ‘Serve’ 

So, what does it mean to serve? describes serve with many definitions and I’m picking a couple here:  to render assistance, be of use, help, to act as a servant, to render obedience or homage to(God), to provide with a regular or continuous supply of something.  These are some great definitions among others.  Probably the most likely aspect of our service to the Lord would be many varieties of these definitions. 

Let’s remember to continue to give of ourselves in service to the Lord.  It doesn’t have to be that you pack up your family and household and become a missionary right now!  It doesn’t have to be so big in size or grandiose, it can be in the little things.  Jesus said, to whom much is given, much is required.  Jesus also said, I came to serve and not to be served.  If we listen to Jesus closely, I think we realize that it’s in the mundane and daily rituals that we see Him and we serve with a servants heart to give and not just receive.  To share openly with ALL that we have, including financial gifts, spiritual acts of service, random acts of kindness, a smile or even a hug.  In this we fulfill the service and we also fill the ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’

Go serve today and give of what God has blessed you with as we all have been given gifts to serve and give back.