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February 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday

This day, always a Wednesday, begins the Pentecost period for the Church. 50 days until Resurrection Sunday. Ironically, this Lenten season begins & ends on another holiday, Valentine’s Day in the USA. It also, funny enough, ends on Sunday, April 1st, April Fool’s Day.

This period of the Christian year is also considered the birth of the Church. The Holy Spirit era of the Church, where in Acts 2(Acts of the Apostles), the Holy Spirit descends upon them in the Upper Room. This is also predicted by Jesus himself, in John 16:7,13.

It’s imperative that we as believers, not only know the Bible, but understand Church history. What does the bible say and why it says it.  Where to go in the bible to get the correct information. We are to be prepared to give an account for the Hope that is in us as 1 Peter 3:15 states. If we are ignorant to what these beautiful Christian holidays are, so will we be left without a true witness for Christ when non-believers ask us why these holidays are in place.

I think this is a very non-intrusive way to share the Gospel with a world in desperate need of a savior. Annual holidays that are Christian based. Share the history, know your history, give others the gospel!

1 Corinthians 15, is the best way to share the Gospel(good news of Jesus) to this dying world. Read it, know it, share it, & burn it upon your heart and mind. This is your GO TO chapter!


May 20, 2010

Keep Watch

“29I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. 30Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. 31So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.”   – Acts 20:29-31

I was lead to this verse today by the Holy Spirit.  I feel of how great importance it is to share the truth and cold hard truth to the world today.  Jesus’ own words above speak of how corruption will occur in the church today amongst the ‘flock’ or the body of Christ…us believers.  Corruption in the sense of drawing away the people of God for an easy, soft, pretty and happy Gospel, that says, Jesus is OK with you and your life no matter what and no matter how you live.  That is NOT TRUE!!!

Distorting truth means exactly that, distortion of what Jesus has said, what God has said in His WORD, the Bible.  If you’re not familiar with the BIBLE, then how do you know what truth is?  If you don’t know what you believe, than you will fall for anything that sounds ‘Good’.   That’s wrong and is a very sad truth in the Church as a whole today. 

It reminds me of my Sunday School class last sunday, where many folks were blurting out things about future and past events, that I felt weren’t on par with what Jesus or scripture says.  I was recalling scripture after scripture in my head of countering what they were saying.  Sometimes you must pick and choose your battles, but at the same time, if I didn’t/don’t know God’s WORD, then how will I know what truth is?  How will you know what’s being distorted versus what scripture says about a particular topic? 

That’s why it’s so easy to be mislead.  In the world today, so many folks are ‘accepting’ of so many things.  We move past a stance of acceptance for acceptance sake.  There must be times where we stand up for God and say,  sorry, no, that’s not true or right!  But, how do we do that?  By our own thoughts and or feelings that have no basis or roots?  No, by our knowledge of the WORD and knowing that Christ himself said this and that and being able to point to those verses to support the truth. 

“So, be on your guard!  Keep Watch”, Jesus exhorts us!  What does that mean?  In a boxing match, in order to protect yourself, you must put up a guard, a shield of sorts and block the enemies punches and attacks.  To say yes all the time and accept everything is heresy!  It’s not what God says is right or true.  He says to be on guards against others that will arise ‘amongst us’ and draw us away.  That seems not too hard to do today in a world that is so accepting of EVERYTHING!

What are you saying NO to?  What are you saying YES to?  Have you ever made a stand for Jesus and said No, sorry, I don’t agree with that based on scripture?  Do you know scripture well enough to NOT be swayed by some ‘sweet’ words that allure you? 

Heavenly Father, please guide and protect us, your children, to and through your truth, so that we may know the right from wrong and know your way versus the evil one’s way.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

April 23, 2008

The Pope reconsiders Martin Luther

The Pope reconsiders Martin Luther «’s Blog

Read the above article first before reading my comments below, PLEASE!

There was a the article above and then some comments below.  I had to reply with my thoughts and felt that this was the beginning of a good blog post.  🙂

My view is that even though I go to a Methodist Church, I am first a believer in Jesus Christ, God The Father and the Holy Spirit.  I just happen to go to a Methodist Church and in that, I go there because Jesus is alive and well there.  The Holy Spirit is very Active and moving and working.  I believe in the Bible and it’s infallibility, not any man, for we all fall short of the Glory of God and all have sinned, period.  The fact that my church has a Traditional service and a Contemporary service(which I go to :)) is evident that we have a good mix of people that worship differently and my church has recognized that and created the contemporary services.   Jesus never stated the need for a hundred different denominations, He just wanted people to have the faith of a mustard seed.  As Pastor Larry stated this past weekend in one of his talks on an Emmaus weekend, “the Devil just comes into the church and starts asking questions like, the bread really isn’t the REAL body of Christ is it?”  Thus begins the separation of believers into a sort of ‘faction’ group of people that allowed division to come in.  Anyway, my response below to the post and read the previous comments to mine as well if you can. 

The song we sang this past weekend that I’m sure is an old timey hymnal goes like this, “One Bread, One Body, One Lord of All, One cup of Blessing which we Bless, and we though many, throughout the earth, we are ONE body in this ONE LORD”

Luther was a Great man of God and saw the truth. Thank God for Luther and what he did. His 95th Thesis is spot on. Indulgences were heresy and so is the fact that the pope is ‘infallible’
Christ died for all and to all whom believe in Him are CHRISTians…period. There is no Catholic or Protestant Church…it’s One Church.
Read Ephesians 2:8, 9 & 4:4, 5
Where is the Church anyway? is it in the Vatican? Is is only your church with walls that you worship in on Sundays and maybe Wednesday’s? The Church, in my humble opinion, is the Body of Believers all over the world, not encompassed by walls, but by souls, anywhere and everywhere.
There is a need, I do believe, for different denominations across the world, that enable you to worship alike in a corporate environment, but to say that Catholics or Protestants is what Jesus intended…I’m not so sure. Man gets in the way, but God’s plans and will overcome ultimately.