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September 11, 2012

1 Year Anniversary

No words can explain how fulfilled and happy I am in my life right now.  It’s taken quite a few years for me to get here, but I have finally made it.  This is the high point of my life in the classic adage of ‘Peaks and Valleys’ as they say.

My Wife Heather and I celebrated 1 year yesterday and I can’t help but think how fortunate I am to have found her in a time of my life that I was really in a not so good place.  She has been the best woman ever and in so many ways. I can’t help but continue to sing her praises day after day.  My heart is overjoyed!!

She has now given me a beautiful daughter Sophie, that has made me a home body and I love every minute of it. That time I spend with this beautiful child of God and her has completed me truly.  No where else on God’s green earth except with them is where I want to be.

When scripture says a Godly woman, he was definitely talking about Heather in the annals of time. 

When you think on life and how many years you have lived, know that for me and in my experience, it keeps getting better and I look forward to the future with MUCH HOPE!

So thanks be to God for this wonderful life that I am enjoying with my lovely wife Heather that makes my heart smile and overflow with joy!

September 23, 2011

My Wedding 9-10-11

So my brother Barek, my almost brother-in-law Grant, and myself stayed at my great friend Tony’s house on Friday night and woke up Saturday September 10th, the day of my wedding there.  We ate a hearty breakfast that was prepared by Tony himself.  Then I worked out a bit at Tony’s house to be freshly prepared for the days festivities.  We then went to Niko Niko’s for lunch(in case you have never eaten there, it’s a delicious Greek cuisine restaurant) and we all ate the Gyro plate–YUM!!  My dad and Kevin(Karen’s husband) met us there, along with all my groomsmen.  We had a great time eating and chatting about life and the wedding that was impending.

We then went back to Tony’s house and I took a little nap whilst watching the college football game.  Very relaxing.  We then got up and got ready and put our Tuxedo’s on and drove off to the Church to be there at 4:30pm.

Once we got there, we went to the Bell Choir room and set up in there.  Low-carb monster drinks were there along with fig newtons to snack on.  Kevin, my brother arrived along with cute little Jacob(my nephew-who was also the ring bearer) and then we went to take pictures outside where it was a paltry 95 degrees!!

Heather and I exchanged gifts outside her dressing room without looking at each other. It was real neat.  I got her a beautiful necklace and earrings from Swarovski that we had picked out months before and she got me a steel necklace that is real cool!

I walked in at the appropriate time after both our mothers lit the unity candles and waited for my bride to come down the aisle.  When she did, my heart fluttered and my eyes began to well up with tears of joy and happiness.  I was so excited that this day had finally come and that I am able to marry the TRUE love of my life, Heather Allison!

We exchanged personal vows with each other, that no one really heard, because we didn’t want to mic up and they were very special and we both went back and forth tearing up, it was joyous.

We said our ‘I Wills’ and kissed and walked down the glorious aisle of marriage where 9 months previous I had proposed to her.  We took pictures with family afterwards and then headed to the country club to join in the celebration of our marriage.

Chicken dinner was fabulous and the drinks were flowing.  We had everyone there that we wanted to be there, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings and wonderful friends–exactly how we wanted it.  No drama happened that whole night, just a lot of dancing and more tears of joy and smiles everywhere.

We left late that night to an air of sparklers that lit the walkway to our limousine ride that sent us off to our hotel for the night.

Love is grand and so is my new, beautiful wife.  The Real love of my life.

Thank you Lord for giving me someone so special that is a gift of your grace to me.

December 27, 2010

My Engagement to Heather

I finally asked the question “Will you marry me Heather?” and then there was a long pause with lots of crying, whilst I was on my knees I asked her “Your supposed to say YES…” and she said “OH Yeah, of course YES, YES!”  I then stood up after all that and we hugged for a long time as we both shed tears of joy.

The date came on Christmas Eve 2010 following the 5:30 service.  Godfrey, our Pastor, had said “Let your light shine in the darkness and I felt like that was my affirmation from God saying to me – do it and I did.  As many times as I have heard that statement at Church before, this time it hit me as if God was saying “make this formal and propose now”  It was definitely a God moment for me too.

I am very happy that my life is going forward and that I have been blessed with love again.  This time I hope, pray & believe that this beautiful individual in the form of Heather Allison, is my true love and wife to be.

As much as I have learned from my first marriage and don’t regret the experience from it, I am pleased to know that she wasn’t my true love and that Heather really is!  I’m so happy about that!!

God makes all things work out for the good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose – Hebrews 8:28 (Sam paraphrasing)

June 24, 2010

Christian Marriage

 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh – Genesis 2:24 

Marriage in today’s society is pretty diverse. 

What has led me to today’s topic is a recent airing on TV of 2 Homosexual men that are married and have a child together. 

What I want to address is what Christian Marriage is to us believers, not what the world thinks marriage is.  The comparison is quite drastic.  This is not a bash on anyone person, but a fact posing post about why Christian Marriage is meaningful and important to us believers versus the secular view of what marriage is.

I understand today more than I ever have about this topic and I feel more at peace with it.  I was very incited in the past over gay marriage, but now I understand that what they believe and think marriage is has no correlation to what Jesus and scripture say marriage is and with that I find comfort.

So let’s move on to the facts of Marriage from a Christian perspective:

  1. Marriage is a gift from God and should NOT be taken for granted
  2. Marriage is characterized as that of the relationship between Jesus and The Church – Ephesians 5:29-33
  3. The Catholic Church has deemed it one of the Sacraments as a believer
  4. From the beginning of scripture you find that ‘marriage’ is important – Genesis 2:24
  5. Marriage is between a Man and a Woman – Genesis’ references to Adam and Eve
  6. Pro-creation can only happen between a man and a woman(even though today we have ways around that).  Men still though, produce semen and can’t carry a baby and a woman can only carry a baby and can’t produce semen – Genesis 9:7

In my maturity as a believer, I am finding peace in knowing God’s Word on subjects including this one.  I am not as concerned anymore, though saddened, by today’s state of what marriage is and was defined for centuries as and what it is today defined as.  Yet, with comfort, God’s Word stands firm and true on these areas of marriage and what it means to be a Christian and in a Christian Marriage.

In response to concerns over this topic:  I welcome all thoughts and views, but keep in mind, God said it, not me.  Second, The Bible is clear on Homosexuality in the Old and New Testament.  Also, marriage is pretty clear in the Old and New Testament as well.  Moreover, there are many scripture references I didn’t address in this post and could do so but have chosen not to for the sake of making this an extremely long and drawn out post rather than a clear and concise post that addresses Christian Marriage only.  Again, it’s things that occur around me that jog my thoughts and views on topics and give me the desire through the Holy Spirit to address on my blog.


August 3, 2009

it’s official…

Angie and I are officially Divorced today.  She arrived late, of course, because she said she overslept.  That made for a frantic start, but she got there eventually and things went pretty smooth from there.  We caught up on each others life and even had lunch.  It’s bitter-sweet, Divorce, and it’s not much fun to have to go through it either.  But, that’s all behind us now and we can move on with our lives.  A fresh start so to speak.

I think that every person that is about to get married should take a Divorce class to give them some hard facts and reality checks about marriage.  It’s not easy and it’s SOOOO much more than just a “DAY”  It’s your entire life that your committing to and it’s NOT EASY!!

I don’t regret our marriage, it’s just unfortunate that it ended up the way it did….

April 22, 2009

more insight into tolerance…

We are in a battle for what is right and what is not in America.  Currently, what is right, is what ‘feels good’ and not what is moral.  What is right is ‘to each his own’ and not ‘the 10 commandements’.  Where do we go from here?

Is bestiality something in the near future where we say as Americans, that’s OK, because hey, to each his own?

Is incest something that is OK, because hey, it feels ‘right’?

I’m onto something…that is, we must have a limit to excess!  What is right to a narcissist is not to what is right to a conservative and vice versa.  Where do we find a common ground?  Where is it that we say enough is enough?

The Bible gives us a clear and healthy guide to living.  The reason people don’t like or believe or follow the Bible, I’m convinced, is that it DOESN’T FIT THEIR LIFESTYLE AND THUS people choose to turn a blind eye to it or say, I don’t believe in it because I don’t like the truth that is told in it.  It doesn’t conform to their personal way of thinking.

Scripture tell us to no longer be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  That is reading scripture and KNOWING and BELIEVING what it says.  If  you don’t know, how can you know?  Knowledge is power and scripture tells us that my people die for a lack of knowledge and zealousness without knowledge is bad.

Is Tolerance a Virtue? is the topic of this link and I implore you to read it.  It’s a short read that gives some insight into our current state of America and where we could be headed.  Let’s be diligent to know and not just think we know or believe something that anyone just said.  Having knowledge from what your parents or grandparents said to you growing up isn’t good enough anymore!  Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better off you will be.  Read your Bible today and study it. 

“Those who stand for nothing may fall for anything.”  Alexander Hamilton

“”He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters”  – Jesus (Luke 11:23)

January 14, 2009

for my friends ‘n familia

I was advised recently to keep blogging.  At least to keep up daily blog’s is what I think was inferred.  My question to y’all is…do you blog too??  And if so, what is your blog so I can read it as well!

I love to blog anyway and it seems to come natural for me.  I like to think about what I’m going to say or topics or points that I would like to bring up whilst having meaningless conversations with others.  Doh..did I say that out loud?  jk.

Some days seem to be harder than others while going through a divorce.  Some days seem easier too.  Talking with friends and family about my situation helps me tremendously and I thank all of you for that.  I realize that vocalizing my issues better help me cope with them.  Do they for you too?  I am not that kind of person to hold things in forever and then throw up on a person with a million words all at one time.  I’m more like continuous and steady.  I find it as stress relief to talk out loud my issues rather than hold them in, capeche?

It takes 60 days as a mandatory waiting period before you can complete a divorce, at least in the state of Texas.  I know it’s different in other states as well, but it’s 60 here.  Then afterwards you can go forward with formalities as long as both parties are in agreeance.  Little things that you never think of like this after you get married.  Life is wonderful and full of Love and Joy after you get married.  Then the daily grind hits, trust erodes and then you find yourself in a marriage that has died after 10 years.  WOW…how depressing!

Don’t want to bring anyone down with this post, but I have to share my feelings, raw. 

Amazingly, going through this, I have found as I’m sharing my story, that people are dealing with issues and troubles as well.  It’s ironic how, when your going through stuff in life, you feel isolated or that no one else is going through things, but it’s not true.  Everyone is dealing with issues all the time, everyday.   Not just me!  Tony Evans, Pastor in Dallas, said “We are either entering a storm, in the middle of a storm or coming out of a storm in life”  How true that is, isn’t it?  No matter what’s going on in your life you find yourself in 1 of the 3 places that he states.  I am glad that as I’m opening up with folks, that they are opening up with me as well. 

As a Christian, you feel this obligation to live a perfect life.  You feel like if you do something bad or wrong or say something not too P.C., that your going to be looked down or frowned upon and it’s true.  I really feel bad mostly about how I have a failed marriage.  How others perceive that is hard too.  But, through this, I have found loving folks that are being helpful mostly and praying for me, which I’m thankful for.  I do know though, that there will be those that will alienate me because of this, I hope not, but that is life I think and that’s how the cookie crumbles.  That’s human nature and be it as it may, no one is perfect, including me!

January 12, 2009

new chapter

I have entered a new chapter in my life.  My wife and I are separated and in the process of a divorce.  I have moved into my own apartment because she wants the house, so I decided to move out.

I am sorry to whom this news may hurt as I am dissappointed as well.

It hurts me as well and it is not easy to go through this, especially when you gave your all for 10 years of marriage.

I ask for your prayers and support for me and for her as well.

I wrote about TRUST in my previous post and that is a must in any marriage.

I really do hope the best for you Angie.

November 17, 2008

4th finger

This is powerful and a must watch for all of us out there that are married!  Why the wedding ring is on the 4th finger?

July 12, 2008


What a beautiful thing marriage is.  For me, it’s a covenant between you and God first, then you and your spouse.  I find it more meaningful when I look at marriage this way.  It means that I have made a commitment/covenant to God Almighty first and then to my wife.  It makes it more real and strong and that I don’t take my marriage lightly like Hollywood does.

When I got married my Pastor told us “You will both fall in and out of love a thousand times.  But, love is a commitment to each other, not just a feeling.”  That is so true and has really helped me think about how this is relevant to me.  My parents have both been married and divorced several times.  That has been a bad track record for me to look at.  But, I have resolved to break the cycle and that starts with me.  On the other hand, my wife’s parents are still married and they are working on 40 years(which is a great thing!)

Marriage isn’t easy by any means.  It is just like a job in theory.  When you go to work, you learn, spend long hours, work hard and expect results.  The same can be said for marriage.  It doesn’t drive in auto-pilot, it takes work, just like the job you go to. 

Being married for 9+ years now, I have been grateful to love my wifey and spend the time and enjoy the life we share.  I look forward to many more years in the future.  Looking up to other married couples that have been married for 20, 30, 40 years + gives me hope and makes me smile.  I know that being married that long doesn’t happen by auto-pilot, but by hard work.

Make a date night with you and your wifey or hubby and enjoy the time with each other, it will be well worth it.