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June 22, 2010


Part Deux of Last Sunday’s sermon.  It was a good one!!

The sermon last Sunday was about the legacy you leave behind as well, for those who read my previous post. 

I had lunch today with a brother in Christ, Mike Green, and we discussed what was our legacy, as I spoke about the sunday sermon.  He replied with such insight, I was blown away and couldn’t help think about this question myself and what I was doing about my legacy.  He said,”It’s living Holy before God and leaving a mark on the people around you.”  Profoundly, I agree with him.

He brought up the point Jesus had made where Mary, Jesus’ mother, and His brothers were outside waiting for Him and Jesus replied,”Who is my mother and my brothers?” from Matthew 12:46-50

So many times people, including myself, have said in the past that it’s our children that are our legacy.  But, children can be rotten and turn away from you and God & then what legacy have you left??  GREAT POINT!!!

George Clooney( who has no wife or kids), was addressed by his father recently and asked, “can you name actors from the 20’s or 30’s?”  Clooney didn’t have an answer immediately.  His father said to him, same thing with you, no one will remember you in 20, 30 or 40 years.  What legacy are you going to leave behind?

Mike and I laughed and he pointed out how, if his great grandma or grandpa was to walk into Jason’s Deli where we were having lunch, he wouldn’t know who they are??!?!?!  I wouldn’t know mine either!

Jesus made our relationship to Him a personal one.  We all will bow before Him and give an account for the lives that we have led on this earth.  Our families will not be there to support us or help us in that time.  Our relationship with Jesus Christ right then is what’s going to matter.  YOU & ME!  OUR RELATIONSHIP!! 

So I ask you, what legacy are you going to leave behind?  I know for me, I’m going to improve my relationships with Jesus first, as well as my friendships and pray that by some means I will have left a good and positive mark on the people around me when I leave this earth.