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March 24, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

I watched this movie for the first time last time with my Fiancé Heather. I really did enjoy it. The turnoff was that a lot of my friends said the movie was bad. I think they took it in the light and eyes of a Christian. So, I was hesitant to watch it, but in actuality I watched it without the eyes of a Christian and just took it for the movie that it was and how it presented itself.

Granted, God hates divorce, but the it happened in the movie. Fine. She nor he were Christians!!! Who ever said they were…

Moving on, I loved that she went and traveled for a whole year. I have been to Italy and love that country! I have never been to India nor Bali, but I might like to take a trip to Bali someday.

I think she didn’t make right decisions in jumping into bed with several men, but the point of the year long trip was to find herself, in my opinion and not to rely on someone else(a man in this case) to help her understand who she was as a person.

My favorite part of the movie was when she learned to forgive and release the past. The part when she’s in India and she dances with her ex-husband and he says he loves her and she says I loved you too, but doesn’t respond when he says he still does. They are dancing together like it was their first dance on their wedding day. He’s in his tux and she’s in an Indian garb. She says to him, “when you think of me, think kind things and love and wish them my way to me” or something close to that.

For over 2 years now I have been out of my first marriage. As hard as it was to leave and make that cut, that break, it was hard nonetheless.

I haven’t been happy how the divorce went down and the bad feelings I felt towards her because of the things she did(without going into detail) and have not been kind in many of my conversations about her with folks.

I guess I felt some ill-will towards her, BUT the ‘A-ha’ moment came through that movie last night.  When she was dancing with him(her ex) and she said think good things of me and send them my way. I felt some huge weight and corner lift and turn for me. I feel relieved. I want to wish those things for her, but was having a hard time letting go…still…as pathetic as that sounds. After last night’s movie, I am going to do just that from now on. Wish her good things in her life and wish goodness, happiness and love for her and stop the ill-will.

Sometimes, God works through the craziest of things, but for me, I love movies and He can work into my heart through them.

I feel that the more time that you seperate yourself from things in your life that have happened, the more clarity you get on those things. Such as my divorce. That’s why they say to wait for a long time before you get back into a relationship after a divorce, because you need time to reflect, to heal, to cry and cry again. And to ultimatley let go of that ill-will and pain and wish good things for that person you did once love.

I pray that for those of you who have been divorced can somehow relate to what I’m saying and even watch this movie with an open mind and somehow find healing in it like I did.

Many Blessings!