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July 23, 2013

SAM’s Sponsorship Page

SAM's Sponsorship Page.

November 4, 2008


It is said that a woman’s best friend is a diamond and a man’s best friend is a dog.  Why do women get diamond’s and men get dog’s?  Not sure, but it is true for me.  I love dogs and have had them all my life, from childhood to adulthood. 

I want to talk about adoption and how important it is to adopt rather than purchase these lovely, furry creatures.  You can adopt at many locations around the city that you live in.  Here’s a link to pet adoption.  There are so many homeless animals that it would be a shame for you to purchase an animal when you can adopt for free.

July 31, 2008

Olympics heart warming story

There is a great story about a young man named lopez lomong.  He is currently on the USA Olympic team getting ready to compete in Beijing.  He has a great story about where he grew up in Sudan, then kidnapped and removed from his family and not seeing them for almost 15+ years.  To heading to the United States by the grace of God with a Catholic Church sponsored adoption.  You must read this story to truly appreciate it. I heard it on HBO’s sports segment they have once a month and Bryant Gumbel spoke on it.  I was truly touched by his personal story and must share this with you as it’s not a story to keep buried in the other slime news that is not as worthy for sure.

I can relate to his story because I know that I was lost and now found.  I hope that he Lopez will be more outspoken about his faith the older her gets and bring glory to Him for what he is and has now, as I sure do!

December 19, 2007

world vision

My wife and I have adopted our second child through a great organization named ‘World Vision‘  You can sponsor children and ‘adopt’ them from all over the world.  Our first child we adopted was named Hannah.  She lived in Israel.  We would get yearly report cards on how she is doing in school and we would send her birthday cards.  She got up in age eventually and so we have adopted another child.  His name is Ariel.  He lives in Mexico and is 6 years old.  We have his picture and he is the cutest thing.  Anyway, I wanted to say that if you feel led to adopt a needy child from somewhere around the world, that this organization is a non-profit org that has a great reputation and helps all over the world to those in need.