Dr. Steven Lawson

Well, I went to a great Christian conference this past Saturday. I was able to meet 2 Heavyweights of today’s Great Theologians.  Dr. Steve Lawson and D.A. Carson.

I’m going to include my notes from the conference below:

January 27-2018

Speaking the truth in love conference

Dr Steven Lawson speaking

Isaiah 55:10-11. Sufficiency of scripture

The word of God is prolific & perfect

Matthew 13:3-30 parable of sower

-parable-earthly story w a heavenly meaning

Depravity of the human heart;not the word of God’s inefficiency

Seed is the word of God Luke 11

V20-superficial reception of God’s word – no depth or sorrow or conviction of sin. Shallow heart

1 Peter 1:23-life of God in soul of man(also a book)

Negative denial through positive assertion

This world is perishing w perishable ideologies

God’s Word never expires

Romans 13:13-14: Augustine saving verses

D.A. Carson spoke on Psalm 1, entire chapter(short chapter). Great speaker and laughed a bit during his talk, which is a great sign of a great speaker. Really appreciated it as well.

Got a great pic with Lawson as well and I will say that I think very highly of him and is probably the Best speaker I have ever heard. I have been following him a couple years now, but know that he’s been preaching for decades. I was truly blessed to be able to hear this man speak in person. I’ve been able to hear his messages through his twitter feed and on Sermons Audio app. Highly recommend downloading this app with over 1 million sermons available.




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