Patience & Faith

Let me tell you about a journey I had to take
I had to go around the world to learn about patience & faith
God took the time to condition me to open my heart and mind
Through so many mishaps God’s grace always made sure I was fine
Rushed things and always tried to live by my own rules
Until one day I realized your laws are truly precious jewels
My patience grew because I learned to trust in you
Now I know to wait on the Lord and always give Him His due
When I started, my faith was weak as tap water
Through loving Christ, I learned I could always go farther
Took all my faults and problems and laid them at your feet
Praying to you everyday that those same mistakes I never repeat
Couldn’t ask for anymore mercy, kindness and grace
Long for the day you welcome me into heaven and I see your face
Just wanted to openly announce that I’m officially on your team
My face, heart and soul is lit up like a light beam
Thank you for not taking my life when it seemed I couldn’t wait
I’m blessed that Jesus taught me Patience & Faith

written by Freddie, an inmate


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