When I see my beautiful daughter that is almost 2 years old interact with different kids of all races at her Pre-School, I realize something quickly and evidently. She looks and treats everyone the same. Which teaches me a huge lesson – that racism is NOT something your born with – it is something that is taught. Taught by family/friends/society whomever it may be. The issue of racism is a sad one and frankly, it truly disgusts me.

Being a Christian, I realize a lot of things. When it comes to racism, I realize that it is the Devil’s ploy to get us to hate each other and cause strife amongst ALL of us children of God. That’s right, we are ALL children of God. He created each and every one of us. We are taught this through God’s HOLY BIBLE and believe it is truth. If you are a Christian and know what God says in Genesis, that HE created each and every one of us, then there is NO room for us to hate another race.

God wants us all to love each other and share that love with each other, not hate. There is a spiritual battle going on for each of our souls. Believe that! God wants you to be in His Kingdom and treat each other as you would like to be treated.

Love is our only hope and love’s name is JESUS!


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