I’m titling this post Wanda, who is Heather’s grandma. She died on March 12, 2014. She lived to be 92. That being said, yes she lived a long life, but this was unexpected. She had a strong will to live and live to at least 100! I thought for sure, as well as everyone else, that she was going to make it to 100. She had a series of strokes that led to her death. Very unfortunate and untimely. She lived by herself at home and was very active in the community-working in the public library and doing helpful and fun things with friends and groups she belonged to. I admire her for living as long as she did and for the many accomplishments she made throughout her life. A great legacy she leaves behind, one to be admired. One to look up to.

I believe one of her great accomplishments was having 5 children and getting them ALL to go to College after high school, on little money they did have. All 5 children are doing very well for themselves and so are the many grandchildren and great grandchildren. All because of a strong home life and work ethic that was engraved in their children.

Heather, my wife, being one of the grandchildren is accomplished so far in her own right. She accredits it to her mom and grandma/grandpa for where she is today. Her strong work ethic, being a great mother to our daughter Sophie, a second to none wife and her faith that she so dearly cares about.

Many fun and wonderful times was I able to experience with Wanda, as well as hear about and learn about in such a short time, gives me pause and makes me smile.

May we all find ourselves living a life to be admired as much as this Matriarch did.

God Bless you Wanda!

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One Comment to “Wanda”

  1. Thank you, Sam, for that lovely tribute! She was remarkable! Your words about family, and Heather, were just as special – the legacies we hope to leave behind show up in our children’s lives! So glad they have been positive! Love you!

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