The Call

So, Heather and I just finished up serving 2 weekends ago at ‘The Call’. It is a weekend long, student focused & spirit filled, event. I worked with my 12th Grade Boys and Heather hosted our 12th Grade Girls at our home. The weekend was great. I really enjoyed my time with them.

The focus was on ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and learning what ours are and how to use them. We had a great speaker on Fri/Sat night. He gave great insight to familiar scriptures we have heard many times. The first one was on Job, when he wrestled with God. His point was that God, made himself weak in order to make Job strong. Job finally proved himself to NOT be a coward as well and held on until God blessed him. His analogies were spot on as well. His example for this was when you allow yourself to be pinned by a younger, weaker sibling and you allow them to pin you down. It’s not that you can’t throw them off, you just became weak so they could be strong. That’s what God does for us all the time. Powerful.

The second story was about Jonah. We all know this story. The biggest point that hit me was when he stated how Jonah ran and ran and ran from God until he realized God wouldn’t relent, then reluctantly Jonah answered. It took Jonah only 8…8 words to speak to Tarshish, for them to repent and turn to God. That was pretty amazing. The other point was, you never know what God has been doing and working in others lives so that when you have an opportunity to talk to them about Jesus, they are ready for you to share the good news with them. Powerful stuff!!!

I pray that the students learned a lot from the weekend, like I did, and grow significantly from an epic weekend.


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