Summer 2013

Well school begins this coming Monday. Which marks the end of the summer for students whereas those who have jobs keep working all summer like ME. All good. It has been an enjoyable one.  Highlights below:

we have enjoyed going to see the Houston Astros this season. We purchased a mini season package and went to about 2 games a month. That has been fun. 

We have enjoyed our pool – that is the community pool – but it seems like we’re the only ones that use it mostly. We have enjoyed heather and I playing tennis in the evening time. Shes not much of a player (self admitted) but is getting better every time we play. 

We visited my Cali family this past weekend. It was good to see everyone. We stayed at the Huntington Beach Waterfront Hotel and that was real nice. It was right across the street from the beach and I loved it. We had 2 great days out there and even got to see Heathers cousin Bobby and his girlfriend Kaitlyn who came down from LA. 

We also took a trip to Gulf Breeze,Fl to see Bradford for the 4th this summer. It was a nice visit, but instead of making it to the beach like we planned, it rained the whole weekend. It was still nice though. 

We have a big Bday bash planned for heather and myself this October and excited about that. We also are going to Hawaii to celebrate. Can’t wait!!!!!

until next time. Blessings!!


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