Here is a link to Erasmus from Wikipedia. I also got this little write-up from Jim Dennison because I subscribe to his blog and find it pretty fascinating. He sends out his blog daily and has a Christian spin on current events. I think you will find it very helpful yourself and I advise you to subscribe as well. So thanks Jim for this and thank our forefathers like D. Erasmus for knowledge worthy of reading hundreds of years later:

Erasmus (1466-1536), in his classic Handbook of the Militant Christian, advised us to “use temptation as a means to virtue. If your inclinations are to be greedy and selfish, increase your donations to charity. If you tend toward boasting, make a deliberate effort to be humble in all things. This way you can find in temptation a renewed determination to increase in piety. This procedure is the one that most galls Satan. It makes him afraid to tempt you because nothing is more hateful to the Author of Evil than that he should be responsible for some good.”


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