My time with my daughter

I got home last night from working out. Heather had some friends over and I had rushed to get home before Sophie’s bed time. I had wanted to be sure that I had some time to kiss her before she went to bed. Well thankfully she wasn’t asleep yet. As I walked up the stairs Heather was standing there. I clapped and smiled at Sophie and she smiled at me. Heather put her down and I walked over to Sophie as she crawled towards me. I picked her up and kissed her beautiful self, like I always do. Momma had just got done giving her a nice bath and she smelled fresh and clean. I let momma kiss her and told her I was putting her down. So Heather kissed her and so did the friends say good night.

I then took Sophie and sat in the rocking chair that we have had since she was born and gave her the bottle to drink and sat with her until she finished it. Well, she finished most of it, but then she put her two hands over her mouth like she does when she’s had enough. So, I tried a couple more times, but she was done. I then gave her the pacifier and layed her on my shoulder to burp her and so she could begin to fall asleep.

After about ten minutes, she seemed to be asleep, so I then layed her in her crib, but she didn’t do the usual fall asleep, instead she sat up and began to cry. I immediately picked her up and put her back on my shoulder and rocked her and walked around the room a bit. I then realized how special this time is with her and that I will never get this back. My beautiful daughter on my shoulders, holding her daddy while her head is resting on my shoulder and her body wrapped around me. So special. It came to me how fast she is growing up=already 10+ months old and crawling all over the place and her personality ever-growing day to day.

I really wanted to write this to remember this moment in time of how special it is, how special this moment of holding my daughter with so much love bursting out of me for her. I prayed many blessings upon her for all the days of her life, knowing God will honor those prayers and hear those prayers and I know that she will grow up a strong young, Christian woman one day and I’ll be very proud!


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