2012 Vacation in Florida


We ventured to sunny Key Largo, Florida. What a beautiful place in the world it is. We were there for 7 days and the 80 degree weather everyday was welcomed. One day, we traveled a hour and a half South to Key West and enjoyed the day trip there. While there we took a picture at the southern most point in the continental US. There was a small line there, but it went quick and the people there were quite friendly. We saw Earnest Hemingways home there and ate lunch at a beach front restaurant. Afterwards, I took Sophie and dipped her feet into the cold Atlantic Ocean. She was smiling and enjoyed the water. 

We swam in the rental house pool practically everyday and there was a nice jacuzzi as well to warm you up in the cool night. I even got a pretty nice tan while there. 

Sophie went swimming in the pool for the first time in her whole 5 months of life. She really enjoyed that too. It was a good time in all and a welcomed break from the daily grind that life can be at times. 

We spent the trip with Heathers family there and we all enjoyed each others company. We cooked on the BBQ many times and I enjoy cooking and handled that myself. 

Theater Under the Sea was the theme park we went to and saw a Dolphin show, a Parrot show and a Sea Lion show. This park was the 2nd oldest park in the US. We were really up close to all the marine life and I think it rivaled Sea World for what it had to offer. Very fun trip that was. 

Grant and I went on a Jet-Ski adventure in the Atlantic for an hour each. That was fun but exhausting. An hour straight on a Jet-Ski can get tiresome quickly. It was fun nonetheless. 

Our flight home was quick and nice and Sophie is an excellent traveler with little crying or complaint thankfully. We arrived to 45 degree weather here in Houston and weren’t upset by it all.    



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