I had a very rough week here at work last week. I was beaten up a bit you can say. It was pretty tough. I was trying to figure out why.  Then I remembered that my wife Heather and I were about to go on a spiritual retreat with our 10th Grade Sunday School students along with other senior high students. The weekend was to be a powerful one and the devil was trying to extinguish my excited spirit.  I wasn’t having any of it of course!

As we drove last Friday afternoon after work to Camp Piney Woods in Groveton, TX, I got pulled over by a police officer. I was like,”Oh Great, this will top off the week I had perfectly!”  The police officer said I was speeding, when I thought I was going the speed of traffic.  I also told him, after he asked, that we were headed to a Christian retreat for the weekend and that my wife is pregnant and I wouldn’t drive like that. Well, he checked on my Drivers License and vehicle information and found everything checked out fine and came back and said please slow down and let me off with a warning.  The whole time I was praying, please Lord be my defender and don’t let me get a ticket.  Well, thankfully and to God, i didn’t get that ticket!  Crazy!!

Heather and I were greeted by our students upon arrival with hugs and much love. We were smiling ear to ear and very happy to be there.  Saturday was full of fun. We played volleyball,basketball and swam.  We heard some great preaching and powerful music by one of my favorite Christian artists Robbie Seay Band!  The scriptures that were focused on were from Mark 1, 2 & 3. 

After the long day and dinner and another sermon, we broke up into groups and I was alone with 6 of my 10th grade boys discussing the weekend and what had affected us and it’s impact.  I always try to make the Gospel relevant to them and real.  One of my boys, as I asked him about the weekend and what kind of impact it had on him, started crying.  I knew God was working on his heart.  I spent the discussion time talking about Jesus and what this weekend means and the students poured their heart out too.  Afterwards, I spent some one on one time with this one student.  Little did I know, God was working on his heart big time.  We talked about salvation and where he was and he said he hadn’t accepted Christ yet.  We talked some more and I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen that night. But finally, after much conversation, he said he was ready and I was blessed to lead him in the salvation prayer.  Praise God!!  The angels in heaven were singing!!

Sunday was fun and we closed the weekend out mid-day.  We drove him and I crashed. Physically and Spiritually exhausted.

Looking back now, I realized that the devil was trying to keep me down, but God said NO and had a bigger plan and that was using me to bring another life to accept Jesus.  How Awesome!! What an honor it is to be able to bring another soul to Christ.  I am truly honored to be able to have done this.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to share your love with others and to rejoice over a lost soul that is now found. Amen!


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