Heather & I drove to Rosemary Beach, FL last weekend. Her uncle Bob owns a second home there. It’s right past Destin & Panama City. It was very beautiful there. We rented a carriage house for 3 nights.

The sands were white and lovely and the water was refreshing and pretty. We went to celebrate Heather’s Grandmothers 90th Birthday. All of heathers aunts & 1 uncle were there. Bunch of cousins as well. It was a real nice family time. We laughed and ate and enjoyed the whole trip. We bought her grandma 90 scratch-off lottery tix because she loves those. She was pretty shocked we bought her that many. On her first scratch-off she won a dollar. We smiled.

We also went parasailing on morning. That was pretty fun too. We drove back after a fine weekend and crossed 4 states to get back. Very pretty countryside and the 9.5 hour drive wasn’t too bad.

I’m blessed to have such a wonderful side of a new family.


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