Baby update

We are 15 weeks in this week. We had our every 4-5 week check-up today and all is well.  This is our 2nd time to meet with Dr.Villalobos. She is very sweet and kind and patient with us and extremely understanding and communicative.  We are both like deer in headlights sometimes I think, and she is the best Doctor any first time parents could have.

We had the Down-syndrome test already and came back negative, thank GOD!  I guess we have some spinabifida(something or other) test next.  I’m sure there will be some other test after that.  I think we are both trying to just take this day by day, week by week and not try to take too much in.  For me at least, I’m just enjoying this time we are at and in and enjoying the little new updates and growth patterns that our baby Sharif is having so far.

We are not going to find out what it is and will wait for the surprise to hit us upon delivery.

We have gotten down to a couple of names for the boy and girl, whichever God blesses us with and as long as our baby is born healthy, that’s all that matters to us.

It’s funny how initially I just wanted a boy! But, upon further consideration, it’s more important that our baby is healthy! Wisdom does come with age! 🙂

We are just so excited and grateful for what God is doing in our lives through this time and thankful for wonderful friends and family that are being so supportive and excited for us too.

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