Happy New Year & Welcome 2012


My beautiful wife and I got back from a fantastic trip to Seattle for Christmas.  We spent 6 full days there and saw the space needle, ate at some fantastic restaurants, had a Latte at the first Starbucks EVER and walked all over town. We also visited Bainbridge Island and got there on a ferry, It was very pretty! We also went to Vancouver, Canada B.C. for a day trip and boarded a train there and back which took about 4 hours each way. We visited the Aquarium there because Heather loves all Aquarium’s and then visited Gastown where we purchased some souvenirs and had some lunch. What a great trip it was and was nice to get away and recharge too!

We stayed home on NYEve because it’s rookie night – Rule #1 and secondly because we’re not in the mood after a long trip to throw a party or want to drive around town because of rule #1.

Today is my first day back after almost 11+ days off which were fantastic. I enjoyed spending every minute with my lovely wife and wished we had more time together, as usual.

This year is gonna be a great year, I’m so optimistic and feel great about what the future has in store for me and my family.  The very positive thing going so far is that I do have a job starting this year, whereas last year that wasn’t the case for me. PTL!!

I pray for many blessings upon you and your families this year as we hope to have a more positive approach towards what the future holds.  I know I look to keep the momentum going from what a great second half of 2011 was for us and take that into this New Year!

God is good!



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