Thanksgiving 2011

Heather and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my in-laws and Heather Hinzie.  We enjoyed a full day of Turkey and Football.  Heather and her mom cooked a fabulous meal including mashed potatoes, stuffing(Karen’s recipe that was delish!!) and the family recipe of green bean casserole.  There were some great appetizers to start as well as a new pumpkin pie recipe and chocolate pie to boot!

Her parents stayed until sunday and we enjoyed the entire time they spent with us.  We went to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday and got to see the funniness that it is. It was their first time to one, heather and I went last year and enjoyed it again.  This was the last weekend for the Ren Fest as they call it until next year. The weather was cold and windy and it’s welcomed as we have enjoyed a looong summer of heat.

Unfortunately I’m back at work writing this and it’s all another wonderful memory of good times with family.  This was Heather and mine first Thanksgiving married and it was wonderful.  Looking forward to many more wonderful memories together!!

I pray your holiday was special and blessed with family and love.


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