His Name is Holy

I’m not sure when it became “OK” or in fashion BUT its NOT cool to take God’s name in vain. It’s very bothersome to me so much that I cringe inside every time I hear it out of somebodies mouth. I hear it on TV, Movies & yes sadly even other ‘Christians’. Yes I said ‘Christians’. I can’t believe that anyone that believes in Jesus can even say His Holy name in that context. I even believe that those who take His name in vain – I question their faith in God almighty. Exodus 20 gives us the Moral Law that transcends time – which means that of the 613 OT Laws, these 10 never “expire” as some of the 613 have. Guess what one of the ten state? Yep you guessed it “Do not take the Lord your Gods name in vain”.

Just in case you have said it before-remember what the Bible says about it & read the Bible more and educate yourself and get to know your God who loves you.


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