Life, always in flux

Why is it that when one aspect of your life or many are going well, that there has to be another aspect of your life that isn’t? Please tell me???

I am totally in love with my soon to be bride, Heather, my spiritual life is on the upswing BIG TIME, but my job/work life SUCKS!!!

I’m so unhappy with it right now.  I am a man of balance, and desire and seek after that balance daily. My life is NOT balanced right now.

I come to work and am unhappy. I’m trying to reach out to my co-workers and managers for help and seeking change, but it doesn’t seem to help…so far.  I am going to keep giving it my best effort, but it’s very frustrating!!!

Anyway, that’s where I am today and hoping that things are well with you and your lives. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way about their job, but for me and my thought process, it’s either get better or I’m not going to stay.

I’m actively seeking new employment right now as the frustration and unfulfilled aspect of my job is beyond bearing I feel right now.

I know this is a great outlet for me and posting this will make me feel better, but it doesn’t last too long before I find myself back in the loop of my job situation.

Employers, when hiring for a position, please don’t fluff up the job as something that it truly isn’t, when it is truly something else. Just a bit of advice.

To better days of work and prayers up for all of us dealing with job frustrations!

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