Less than 2 months and counting

Until my wedding day. I’m so very excited!!  For too many reasons I am excited. For too many reasons I should be excited.

God has given me a wonderful woman who is more than I deserve I think.  To have a second chance at love, doesn’t happen too often I think also.  As for me it has and I’m grateful.

I am very happy that I have someone who has continuously exceeded my expectations is joyous to say the least!

O God how you have blessed me. Thank you!


2 Comments to “Less than 2 months and counting”

  1. I am so happy for you and may each day leading up to your wedding be a blessed anticipation, blessed by the Lord who has so directed your way. “Joyous” says it all!

  2. Thanks Stan, for your kind comments. I really appreciate them! 🙂

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