Emmaus time again

I am preparing my talk on Priorities right now and am very excited about giving it.  It’s the First talk on an Emmaus weekend and really sets the tone for the rest of the 14 talks still to come.  There is no talk song on this one either, which I forgot about for some reason or another.

Anyway, the walk is at the end of July this year and I’m really excited about serving again as well.  I will be ALD for the first time on an Emmaus Walk and am excited about that too.

I will share more about this walk as I have more details to contribute, but if not, then I will definitely share my Walk #62 experience with you afterwards.


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3 Comments to “Emmaus time again”

  1. our first team mtg went great last saturday. i previewed my Priority Talk as well and was pleased with it. 4 more team mtgs to go!!

  2. I got back from my walk last night and what an awesome walk it was, as usual.
    My talk went well too. I believe a lot of folks were touched by it, more importantly, was that it was God’s talk!
    Find out at closing that 2 guys accepted Christ as their Lord & Savior as well. PTL!! What a blessings that was!!
    I have the songs all in my head today as I usually do from the weekends.
    I had some great conversations with guys and really enjoyed the fellowship this weekend too.
    To His Glory!!

  3. Hey Sam,
    Have you worked on Tony to go on a walk?

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