Crazy times

With all these world events, like Tsunami’s and massive earthquakes, it begs to ask, WHY?

I don’t know if I have the answer or not, but my attempt to answer is coming.

The fact that we live in a fallen world must be acknowledged. For us believers, we know this is true. The state of man and this earth is in a sinful state. The fact that this earth will go on forever is false and so is the fact that we as a race will live forever.

For some of you this might sound surprising. Fear not, though.  God is in control and there is a plan. The plan started before the beginning of time, culminating in the birth of Jesus. This plan was about the salvation of our souls for a fallen and sinful world we live in.

Fear for those of you who do, is unhealthy and is not from God. Fear not, Jesus says, for I have overcome the world. If you have accepted Christ Jesus as your Messiah, your Lord and Savior, good for you. If you haven’t and are reading this, you might be in fear. Fear of the destruction and uncertainty of the current state of the world, with all its famines, nuclear meltdowns, wars and rumors of wars.

For me, my confidence is in Jesus and God Almighty, who has overcome this world. Take comfort in knowing that God has a plan and know that this world we live in is not our home. Our home is the promise of glory in the heavenly realms and the salvation of our souls. If you have accepted Christ, you know that this life is temporary. If you haven’t, I beg of you to seriously consider your salvation and what it means for your entire future.

To accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and to help you overcome your fear, please read my other post on just this here.

Also, Read Romans 10:9-10.

Blessings and fear NOT!


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