God’s provision for today is what I’m learning recently.  It just makes sense. We continue to look at our past and think about our future so much. I know I have been as of late because of my job situation I’m in currently. I think about the future and having a job and working towards getting that job and I think about the risks I have taken to get where I am at in my past as well.

Instead, I just need to focus on Today more, I have come to realize.  God has given us this day, our daily bread. His provision is for today and not to worry about tomorrow. His provision was the same with the Hebrew nation in the desert for 40 years and His provision was in the Lord’s prayer as well.

I am learning this more and more, but in my humanness I still try to understand His Word, His provision and  His today through it all.

Give us this day, our daily bread – Matthew 6:11


3 Comments to “Today”

  1. I am learning that God let’s me lie down in green pastures because he loves me. Between jobs, there are green pastures, don’t look as this is a barren desert, it isn’t it is God’s provision, it is always enough.

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