You know growing up we were babied and loved by our parents and family. We needed our family to support us because we couldn’t fend for ourselves. Every aspect of our lives was governed by what our family provided for us. So we relied on our family to provide for us and we were one minded, thinking only about ourselves and what we will get next, etc.(especially around our birthdays and holidays)

We then come of age to get a job or continue our education and begin to support and take care of ourselves. We are still selfish and thinking with a one tracked mind. The longer we move into our 20’s and even 30’s and have never been married or had children, the harder it becomes to understand what it is not to be selfish, because again, we are only concerned with our own needs.

There is a point then when we reach an area of giving back and not allowing ourselves to be all caught up in what we are doing, who we are with or what our next meal we are going to consume is. I must say that there ‘should be’ this point in everyone’s life, although I know it’s not always true.

The point I am trying to make here is that this life is not all about you and the proverbial “ME, ME, ME!” chant.  It’s about opening your hand to share, It’s about not hoarding, it’s about giving of your time to great causes, it’s about giving of yourself to others without expectation, it’s about listening when no one else will listen or even speaking up when no one will.

I find that for me, giving back makes all the difference in the world, to that one person’s life, that I know I had an effect on because I decided to give, unselfishly and unexpectedly.

Relationships, in the dating/married aspect, helps you better understand what it’s like to realize the needs of another and not just your own. Pets, in all forms, also help you understand that as well. For those who neglect those relationships, there definitely can be some moments of selfishness that cause that neglect. Choosing to do something you want to do more than choosing or giving thought to what your partner wanted or even caring about it, for example.

I know my dad has had relationship issues all of his life. I know that he has always loved me, but when it came to his partners, there were a lot of selfish times and moments that caused the demise to both of his failed marriages and umpteen relationships since. That’s been his choice, cognizant or otherwise, that he has made those choices. This was just a real life example of the decision to be selfish, in my opinion, that has caused those marriage failures.

My desire for this post is really to get the message out of how important it is to give selflessly and to better understand the scripture below that speaks to us not loving this world. I believe that giving back of ourselves helps make a better world and gives us all a better appreciation for the many blessings that are in our lives and opens our eyes to the world around us and how much need there truly is all around us. Which ultimately, without knowing it, will make you a less selfish person.

You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God – James 4:4

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