After I strayed,
   I repented;
after I came to understand,
   I beat my breast.
I was ashamed and humiliated
   because I bore the disgrace of my youth – Jeremiah 31:19

After reading my daily devotional today in the Upper Room book, I came across this verse.  It really hit me because it reminded me of when I was younger, especially in my 20’s, when I made a lot of bad and stupid decisions.  Some of the decisions I made then still haunt me to this day.  I wish I had better guidance from people who were around me then, including family, but then again I ask myself would I be where I am today…

I must believe that I am where I am supposed to be, but at the same time this verse reminds me that we all have made stupid decisions in our youth and this is a reminder that it’s true.  It’s a comforting feeling knowing that I’m not all alone in this as well.  I know you readers out there have made some bad decisions as well.

For me, most importantly, is that I know I’m saved and forgiven of those past sins and as a matter of fact, Jesus died for past, present and future sins I commit. I find that the very most comforting feeling & thought overall.

Thank you Jesus, that regardless of our sins, you died for us once and for all. Thank you for forgiveness and your blood that was shed that gave us that cleansing. In your precious name. Amen.


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