November 1st, 2010

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year and the weather is in the 80’s still…and I’m stuck wondering where the Fall weather is?

I’m still looking for a job and have yet to go on an interview, but I’m completely hopeful and know that something will turn up soon.  It all takes time and it’s definitely in His time for sure!

Foundry had the annual Fall Festival yesterday and Heather and I helped out with the ‘bean bag toss’  That was fun and thinking about it, this is my 10th year in a row of helping out. Real fun and it always feels good to give back and help kids have a good time and have a place that’s safe and fun.

I appreciate all of the prayers from all of you out there and ask for your continued support of prayers as I definitely need them.  You know it’s all about God getting the glory and when I post on here about finding a great job and thanking all of you for the prayers He will be glorified.  I know that it’s all about Him and Him working through me as well.


O Lord, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer – Psalm 17:1


One Comment to “November 1st, 2010”

  1. This was my first year helping out at the festival and my favorite part was seeing the kids facing as they made or the bean bags. :)) They all tried so hard and it was great to give back!

    You will always have prayers from me! The Lord will take care of both you and US! 😉

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